Open Enrollment 2022

IMPORTANT: The official 2022 Open Enrollment Period has now ended in most of the country, but there's 9 states where residents still have time to #GetCovered, with their new healthcare policies going into effect starting either February 1st or March 1st.

The 2022 OEP is by far the best ever for the ACA coverage, with dramatically expanded financial help for millions more people (including many who weren't eligible last year), reinvigorated expert, unbiased assistance, more choices in many states and counties, and FREE policies for more people than ever before.

If you've never enrolled in an ACA healthcare policy before, or if you looked into it years ago but weren't impressed, please give it another shot now. Thanks to the American Rescue Plan (ARP), it's a whole different ballgame.

Here's some important things to know when you #GetCovered for 2022:

Nevada Health Link Logo

This just in via Nevada Health Link:

Nevada Health Link Enrolls Over 100,000 Nevadans in Health Insurance During Open Enrollment

  • The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange marks its highest enrollment numbers during 2022 Plan Year Open Enrollment Period

(CARSON CITY, NV) – Over 100,000 Nevadans enrolled in health insurance during Nevada Health Link’s two-and-a-half month Open Enrollment Period (OEP) which ended Saturday, January 15. With a 25% increase in enrollments from last year’s enrollment period, this marks the largest enrollment cohort since the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Exchange) began operating as a state-based marketplace in 2019.

Of the 101,409 total Nevadans who enrolled in health insurance plans through, 20,897 were new enrollees, meaning they were not previously enrolled in health insurance through the Exchange. 27,717 were active re-enrollees, meaning they went to to upgrade or change their current plan.

Cover ME Logo

via, Maine's new state-based ACA exchange:

Over 66,000 Maine People Chose Affordable Health Plans for 2022 on

  • Plan selections for the first year of Maine’s State-based Health Insurance Marketplace outpaced previous year by more than 10 percent

AUGUSTA— The Mills Administration announced today that 66,095 Maine people selected plans for affordable health insurance for 2022 at, Maine’s new Health Insurance Marketplace, an increase of more than 10 percent over the previous year.

At Governor Mills’ direction, Open Enrollment ended on January 15, 2022, giving Maine people an extra month to browse and enroll in quality, affordable health plans. During this first Open Enrollment Period as a State-based Marketplace, which began on November 1, 2021, an additional 6,357 Maine people selected plans, surpassing the 2021 Open Enrollment period and reversing declines in Marketplace plan selections since 2017.

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DISCLAIMER: HealthSherpa is one of the Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) ACA brokers which run banner ads on my site. EDEs are basically authorized private, 3rd-party versions of ACA exchange sites which have their back ends integrated directly into the federal exchange (HealthCare.Gov) (W3LL and Stride Health are the other EDEs which advertise here).

Having said that, I believe Sherpa is the largest ACA EDE out there, and they're pretty transparent about their enrollment metrics, so until CMS posts their latest official Weekly Snapshot Enrollment Report (which should happen soon), Sherpa's updates are pretty good indicators of how things are going overall.

It's important to remember to that Sherpa is currently only equipped to enroll people in the 33 federal exchange states (i.e., those utilizing HealthCare.Gov).

DC Heatlh Link

DC Health Link recently posted thei 2022 enrollment summary as of January 10th as part of their monthly board of directors meeting.

On the surface the numbers look pretty straightforward:


  • Current Enrollment: 15,993 covered lives
  • Enrollment 1 Year Ago: 16,373 covered lives
  • CHANGE: -380


Access Health CT Logo

I've received a copy of Access Health CT's monthly board meeting slideshow, which includes the final 2022 Open Enrollment Period metrics and other demographic data. Here's some of the key points:

OE Enrollment/Eligibility Activity:

  • Started OE 9 with 107,058 enrollees (Up 8%)
  • 112,634 enrolled into a qualified health plan (Up 7%)
  • 47.5% eligible for APTC (Up 20%), 36.2% eligible for APTC/CSR (Down 6%).
  • Enrollees ineligible for financial help down 43%
  • 24,773 determined eligible and completed application for Medicaid (Down 27%)

112,634 is the topline number. Last year's final OEP enrollment tally for Connecticut was 104,946 QHP selections, which means they actually ended up 7.3% year over year. FWIW, I think CT's all-time OEP enrollment record was 116,000 back in 2016.

MA Health Connector

This just in via the Massachusetts Health Connector (by email):

  • 253,253 January effectuations
  • 6,247 February and March effectuations
  • 4,643 plan selections
  • 264,143 total enrollments/plan selections

The above includes 22,729 new enrollments, which includes people who never had Health Connector coverage in the past, or who did, dropped exchange at some point, and have come back for 2022.

This is up around 2,000 since December 25th, but is still down over 10% from last year, making Massachusetts one of only 5 state exchanges to see QHP enrollment drop year over year (to be fair, there's still a few days left for MA as well as Kentucky, DC and New York. The fifth is Hawaii. Having said that, enrollments in the other four states only runs through anywhere from December 15th - December 25th, whereas MA's total is current through yesterday.

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This just in via the New Jersey Dept. of Banking & Insurance (no link yet):

Health Insurance Sign-Ups Reach Record High at Get Covered New Jersey as Open Enrollment Deadline Nears

  • Total signups of over 300k are highest ever in NJ since the start of ACA marketplaces in 2014

TRENTON – Department of Banking and Insurance Commissioner Marlene Caride today announced that more than 300 thousand New Jersey residents have signed up for health insurance at Get Covered New Jersey ( so far during the Open Enrollment Period—an increase of 21 percent compared to last year. The number of residents signed up for coverage is a record high for New Jersey, with more consumers signed up for marketplace coverage than during any prior Open Enrollment Period since passage of the Affordable Care Act.

MNsure Logo

via MNsure:

Expanded Cost Savings Fuel Record Health Insurance Sign-Ups Through MNsure

  • Over 134,000 Minnesotans found coverage through Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace during open enrollment period

ST. PAUL, Minn.—A record number of Minnesotans signed up for private health insurance plans during MNsure’s recent open enrollment period. 134,257 Minnesotans signed up for 2022 health insurance coverage through the state’s health insurance marketplace between November 1, 2021, and January 15, 2022. The record number of sign-ups is 14,988 more than in the previous year’s open enrollment period and represents a 10% increase.

I'd proceed with caution about this figure, however. The official CMS Open Enrollment Periord report seems to always come in a few thousand lower than MNsure's official QHP tallies. Last year, for instance, the CMS report put Minnesota at 112,804, around 6,400 fewer than MNsure's 119,269 total.