Back in June (updated in July), I posted an analysis of the preliminary 2024 rate filings for Michigan's individual & small group market carriers. At the time, there wasn't anything terribly interesting going on in my home state other than Humana and McLaren pulling out of the small group market (Humana is doing this nationally). Overall 2024 rate increases averaged 5.6% and 7.1% on the indy and small group markets respectively.

Yesterday, however, the Michigan Dept. of Insurance & Financial Services posted the final/approved rate filings for 2024, and while there were only a couple of very minor tweaks to most of the preliminary requests, there's one important change: US Health & Life Insurance Co. is no longer going to be on the Michigan individual market at all:

In August I posted the average rate changes being requested for 2024 by New Jersey insurance carriers on the individual & small group markets; it came in at ~6.6% for the indy market and 12.2% for the small group market...but those was unweighted by carrier market share.

Yesterday, with the launch of the 2024 Open Enrollment Period, the New Jersey Insurance Dept. has posted the final/approved rate filings...and while they don't appear to have made any changes to the preliminary requested rate changes, they do include the overall weighted rate increases (unfortunately I still don't know how many enrollees each carrier has).

The weighted rate hikes are just 4.4% on the individual market and 7.3% for small group plans. It's also worth noting that UnitedHealthcare is newly joining the NJ individual market:

Back in July I posted Missouri's preliminary 2024 rate filing requests from individual & small group market carriers; the weighted average across all 9 carriers on the individual market was 4.3%, while it was 6.6% for the small group carriers.

Yesterday the Missouri Insurance Dept. posted the final/approved filings along with this press release:

Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance releases health insurance rates for 2024 with more choices for Missourians

  • Missourians should shop around when looking for health insurance coverage on the individual market; most will find they have many choices for plan year 2024

Jefferson City, Mo – The Missouri Department of Commerce and Insurance (DCI) announces the release of final health insurance rates for Missouri’s 2024 individual market. 

Originally posted 8/08/23; updated 11/02/23

A few months ago, the Illinois legislature passed, and IL Gov. Pritzker signed, a new law which made my healthcare wonk heart sing, including:

  • Provides that beginning before or on May 1, 2026, and each May 1 thereafter, the Department of Insurance shall report to the Governor and the General Assembly on health insurance coverage, affordability, and cost trends.
  • Amends the Illinois Insurance Code.
  • Provides that any forms and rates filed for large employer group accident and health insurance shall be automatically deemed approved after 90 days after filing.
  • Provides that beginning plan year 2026, rate increases for all individual and small group accident and health insurance policies must be filed with the Department for approval.
  • Provides that unreasonable rate increases or inadequate rates shall be modified or disapproved.
  • Provides that beginning plan year 2025, the Department shall post all insurers' rate filings and summaries on the Department's website.

Originally posted 8/07/23; updated 11/02/03

Alaska is a sparsely populated state with only two carriers on their individual market and four on their small group market. Alaska's insurance department website is useless when it comes to getting rate filings or enrollment data; I had to use the federal Rate Review site to even get the requested rate changes.

Fortunately, Premera Blue Cross includes a summary which lists their enrollment numbers, and with Moda being the only other carrier on the market, I was able to estimate a weighted average (assuming Moda has around 4,000 enrollees, which seems about right given Alaska's total on-exchange enrollment of roughly 25,500 people during Open Enrollment; effectuated enrollment as of last spring is almost certainly a couple thousand lower overall).

From Premera's summary:

Originally posted 8/09/23; updated 11/02/23

Kansas is yet another state where the actuarial memos are heavily redacted, making it extremely difficult to get ahold of the actual enrollment numbers for the individual or small group markets. Once again, without knowing how many Kansans are enrolled in each carriers insurance policies, I have no way of running a weighted average, and therefore can only provide an unweighted average.

With that in mind, for 2024 Kansas individual market carriers are requesting an unweighted average rate increase of 4.5%. One carrier (US Health & Life) does provide an unredacted summary with enrollment, but they're a tiny part of the market which doesn't help much. The small group market carriers are likewise asking for a 4.7% unweighted average rate hike.

It's worth noting that Cigna appears to be leaving the states individual market, while Humana is leaving the small group market...which I've noticed is happening in several other states that Humana currently offers small group plans in as well.

UPDATE 11/02/23: The final/approved rates have been posted to the Kansas Insurance Dept. website; it looks like everything was approved pretty much as is on the individual market, and there was only one carrier request modified on the small group market (UnitedHealthcare was reduced from a 6.1% increase to 3.9%).


via the Michigan Dept. of Insurance & Financial Services:

Open Enrollment for 2024 health insurance runs from November 1, 2023 through January 15, 2024

(LANSING, MICH) Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) Director Anita Fox are kicking off the annual Health Insurance Marketplace open enrollment period by reminding Michiganders that they may qualify for low- and no-cost coverage and free local assistance is available to help them get the insurance coverage they need. Open enrollment begins today and runs through January 15, 2024.  For 2023, qualified enrollees, on average, saved more than $400 a month.

via Covered California:

Los Angeles, Calif. — Covered California kicked off its 2024 open-enrollment period at the iconic Los Angeles State Historic Park and Roundhouse Bridge, a public space that serves some of the most vulnerable communities in the state, with roots that connect back to the early history of the city and region…

Covered California Executive Director Jessica Altman was joined by California Health and Human Services Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly and Assemblymember Miguel Santiago of California’s 54th district to launch open enrollment. They highlighted how record financial help — through enhanced federal premium support and a new program in California that will reduce out-of-pocket costs for over 650,000 consumers — is bridging the gap between uninsured Californians and access to affordable coverage and quality care.

Via MNsure (via email; no link yet):

  • If you need health insurance, MNsure can help

ST. PAUL, Minn.—MNsure’s open enrollment period starts today and runs through January 15, 2024. Open enrollment is the annual opportunity for Minnesotans who need health insurance to shop and compare their options for 2024, sign up for coverage, or change plans through MNsure, Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace.

For over ten years, MNsure has served tens of thousands of Minnesotans who are self-employed or gig workers, entrepreneurs and small business owners, farmers, early retirees who don’t yet qualify for Medicare, and those who don’t have access to affordable health insurance through their jobs. MNsure has delivered nearly $2 billion in health care savings to Minnesotans since 2013 and is the trusted source for families looking for medical and dental plans that meet their needs and budgets.

via the Massachusetts Health Connector:

  • The deadline for coverage beginning January 1 is December 23, 2023, but residents have until January 23 to apply for 2024 coverage

BOSTON, November 1, 2023 – Open Enrollment for 2024 health plans through the Massachusetts Health Connector starts today, with expanded access for tens of thousands of newly-eligible Massachusetts residents to the landmark ConnectorCare program that already helps 156,000 people access more affordable coverage.

Open Enrollment is when anyone who needs health insurance can find coverage through the Health Connector, the Commonwealth’s official health insurance Marketplace. Open Enrollment runs through Jan. 23, but the deadline to start the New Year with coverage is Dec. 23. People who need health insurance can go to MAhealthconnector.org to apply and enroll in coverage. They can also find community-based support in dozens of languages to assist with completing an application.