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New York State of Health

Last month I noted that a press release from New York State of Health (NY's ACA exchange) was kind of oddly worded:

...several paragraphs later, you get this:

...Extending the Open Enrollment Period for QHP’s aligns with the coverage rules for public programs also administered through NY State of Health. New Yorkers need to enroll by January 15 for coverage starting February 1 and by February 15 for coverage starting March 1.

In other words, they've bumped out the final deadline by another 2 weeks, through 2/15. Why this isn't mentioned until 5 paragraphs in, I have no idea, but whatever.

At the time, I assumed that they had extended their 2022 Open Enrollment Period deadline through February 15th, as I didn't see any other press releases clarifying things.

Well, it turns out they did extend it, but not through any specific date:

Maryland Health Connection

via Maryland Health Connection:

  • Last chance to shop and enroll in a 2022 health plan

(BALTIMORE) — Marylanders have less than two weeks left to enroll in health coverage that begins March 1, 2022. This year, open enrollment through Maryland Health Connection was extended due to the public health emergency. Maryland residents can enroll in a private health insurance plan until Feb 28, 2022.

“More than 180,000 people have signed up for a health plan since open enrollment began in November. Maryland Health Connection has seen 9% growth over 2021,” said Michele Eberle, executive director of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange. “This is the last chance for Marylanders to get health insurance this year, and there are more savings for young adults and those with higher incomes than ever.”

This enrollment period is for private health plans only. Those who qualify for Medicaid may enroll any time of year.

Access Health CT Logo

via Access Health CT:

Access Health CT Announces Special Enrollment Period For Covered Connecticut Program

  • Eligible Connecticut residents have until June 30 to enroll

HARTFORD, Conn. (Feb. 15, 2022) — Access Health CT (AHCT) today announced a Special Enrollment Period for the Covered Connecticut Program that provides health insurance at no cost to Connecticut residents who meet eligibility requirements. This Special Enrollment Period runs now through June 30.

Created and funded by the State of Connecticut, the Covered Connecticut Program pays the customer’s portion of the monthly payment (premium) directly to their insurance company. The program also covers the cost-sharing amounts they would typically have to pay with a health insurance plan, such as co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and maximum out-of-pocket costs.


As I noted in a bunch of posts yesterday, several states have launched "Tax Time Special Enrollment Periods" (Maryland launched theirs a couple years ago; Colorado, Massachusetts & Pennsylvania are bringing their programs online right now). New Mexico is also moving their own version through the legislative process.

Well, it turns out (thanks to Louise Norris for the heads up) that Virginia also passed their own version of this bill last year...although in their case it's being phased in over a two year time period:

Pennie Logo

Continuing today's theme of "state tax filing easy healthare enrollment programs," it appears that Pennsylvania has also joined several other states, including Maryland, Colorado, Massachusetts and New Mexico (pending) in implementing a new program which allows uninsured residents who didn't enroll in healthcare coverage during the normal Open Enrollment Period a second chance by checking a box when they file their state tax return.

As explained by the amazing Louise Norris:

Pennsylvania easy enrollment program expected to be in use by early 2022

Pennsylvania lawmakers considered House Bill 1030 in 2021, to create an “easy enrollment” program in Pennsylvania, much like the system that Maryland debuted in 2020, and which Colorado will start using in 2022. New Jersey lawmakers passed a similar bill in 2021.

New Mexico

via the Los Alamos Daily Post:

New Mexico Easy Healthcare Enrollment Bill Passes House With Unanimous Support

SANTA FE — HB 95, which would make it easier for New Mexicans to enroll in health insurance, passed the House floor with a unanimous vote Wednesday.

The bill would give New Mexico taxpayers the option to consent to the transfer of their information to the Human Services Department or to the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange, to help them enroll in health insurance and other programs for which they might qualify.

“All New Mexicans deserve access to quality health care for themselves and their families,” Rep. Thomson said. “More than 23,000 uninsured New Mexicans will now gain easy access to the affordable health care that they deserve.”

This legislation was sponsored by Representatives Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson (D-Albuquerque) and Christine Chandler (D-Los Alamos), Senators Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics (D-Cerrillos) and Brenda McKenna (D-Corrales).

MA Health Connector

via the Massachusetts Health Connector:

Simple Sign-up health insurance enrollment is as easy as checking a box on the state tax form

  • New program will simplify sign up for coverage through the Health Connector 

February 7, 2022 – Uninsured Massachusetts residents can check a box on their state tax forms to quickly start the process of getting health insurance through the Massachusetts Health Connector’s new Simple Sign-up program. The program will increase access to health insurance, and provide assistance signing up for coverage to thousands of residents.

Through the Simple Sign-up program, when checking the box on the tax form, individuals authorize the Department of Revenue to communicate select elements of the tax filer’s information with the Health Connector. The Health Connector will use this information to create and send tailored information to the tax filer, and to work with residents towards obtaining the most appropriate health plan.

Connect for Health Colorado Logo

via Connect for Health Colorado:

Colorado Launches Tax Time Enrollment Program for Health Coverage

  • A new way to get health insurance outside of the annual enrollment period

Denver – There’s something new that Coloradans can look forward to when filing their 2021 State tax return—an opportunity to enroll in free or low-cost health coverage.

Washington HealthPlan Finder

Washington State's ACA exchange, the WA Healthplanfinder, released their 2022 Open Enrollment Period (OEP) report yesterday:

  • 240,000 Washingtonians signed up for coverage; Cascade Care enrollment more than doubled in year two

Washington Health Benefit Exchange (Exchange) released today its initial 2022 open enrollment data. A record 240,000 Washingtonians signed up for 2022 coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder, the state’s online health insurance marketplace. This represents an increase of more than 6% over 2021.

The exact number was included in last week's announcement from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS): 239,566 Qualified Health Plans (QHPs).

ACA Signups Logo

January 10th was the last time that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a detailed 2022 Open Enrollment Snapshot report which broke out 2022 ACA enrollment across every state.

As of 1/10/22, it had already reached an all-time record of nearly 14.9 million people (13.8 million via Qualified Health Plans, or QHPs, and another million or so who have enrolled in Basic Health Plans (BHPs) in Minnesota and New York specifically).

A few days later, CMS issued another update just ahead of the official January 15th OEP deadline (in most states) which updated the top line QHP tally to over 14.2 million. They broke this out by "over 10 million" enrollees on the federal exchange (HealthCare.Gov), plus another 4.2 million or more in the 18 states which operate their own ACA exchanges.

Tack on the 1.0M BHPs and that's at least 15.2 million nationally.