2023 Rate Changes


Ouch. Via the Connecticut Insurance Dept:

The Connecticut Insurance Department has posted the initial proposed health insurance rate filings for the 2023 individual and small group markets. There are 13 filings made by 9 health insurers for plans that currently cover approximately 206,000 people.

Anthem, ConnectiCare Benefits Inc. (CBI) have filed rates for both individual and small group plans that will be marketed through Access Health CT, the state-sponsored health insurance exchange. ConnectiCare Insurance Company, Inc. has filed rates for the individual market on the exchange.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and HPHC have decided to leave the CT market and will no longer offer new business small group health plans. They will only renew existing plans through the end of their appropriate plan years.

The 2023 rate proposals for the individual and small group market are on average higher than last year:


Georgia's health department doesn't publish their annual rate filings publicly, but they don't hide them either; I was able to acquire pretty much everything via a simple FOIA request which was responded to within an hour of my asking.

There's one significant development apiece in Georgia's individual & small group markets:

INDIVIDUAL: A few years ago, Georgia's GOP Governor, Brian Kemp, put in a request to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for what's known as a Section 1332 State Innovation Waiver. If approved, these waivers allow individual states to modify how the ACA operates in their state as long as they can prove that the changes would a) cover at least as many residents b) at least as comprehensively without c) increasing federal spending in the process.


A few weeks ago I compiled the weighted average 2023 premium rate filings for Michigan's individual and small group markets. At the time, I came up with average rate hikes of 6.8% for the ACA individual market and 6.8% for the small group market.

Today, the Michigan Dept. of Financial Services posted the official preliminary 2023 filings, and while I was dead on for most of the carriers, I was off slightly for a few of them:

Michiganders to Have More Opportunities to Shop Around During Upcoming Health Insurance Open Enrollment Period


Arkansas is a problematic state for many reasons, but I have to give their insurance dept. website high praise for posting their annual rate filings in a clear, simple & comprehensive fashion (which is to say, not only do they post the avg. premium changes for each carrier, they also post the number of covered lives for each, which is often difficult for me to dig up). Better yet, they also include direct links to the filing summaries and include the SERFF tracking number for each in case I need to look up more detailed info.

Anyway, there's nothing terribly noteworthy in the 2023 filings, in which AR carriers are seeking an average 5.9% rate hike on the individual market and 5.1% for small group plans. The only item which sticks out is Oscar Insurance Co., which is leaving the Arkansas market...after just a single year:


Hawaii only has two health insurance carriers serving the individual market, Hawaii Medical Service Assocation and Kaiser Foundation Health Plan. Both of them have submitted their proposed premium rate filings for 2023, and unlike most states so far this year, their initial requests are quite reasonable: Just a 2% average hike apiece.

Unfortunately, things are much spottier for Hawaii's small group market: I can only find the rate change & current enrollment filings for one of the 5 carriers offering small business plans, at 5.7%. This doesn't mean much without the data from the other carriers, however:


The Indiana Insurance Dept. has quietly posted their preliminary 2023 health insurance premium rate change requests for both the individual and small group markets:


The overall average rate increase for 2023 Indiana individual marketplace plans is 5.7%.

The IDOI will finalize the review of the 2023 ACA compliant filings both on and off the federal Marketplace by August 18, 2022.


The Kentucky Insurance Dept. has posted the preliminary 2023 rate filings for the individual and small group markets

Overall, individual rates are increasing by around 8.2% on average, while small group plans are going up by 5.9%.

Via Anthem's actuarial memo:

The projected population consists of expected retention of existing policies and new sales. The sources of new entrants include the previously uninsured population, grandfathered and transitional policies voluntarily migrating to ACA-compliant plans, and previously insured populations from other markets or carriers. The morbidity adjustment reflects projected Anthem and market changes in morbidity, including changes driven by economic conditions and from the expiration of the enhanced ACA premium tax credits available under The American Rescue Plan Act (ARP) as of December 31, 2022. Membership projections reflect contraction similar to pre-ARP population in 2021. Exhibit E shows the morbidity factor.


via the Maine Dept. of Professional & Financial Regulation:

Maine Health Insurers File Proposed Rates for 2023 Plan Year

Health insurance carriers in Maine's Individual and Small Group markets have filed proposed rates with the Maine Bureau of Insurance (the Bureau) for the 2023 plan year. June 27, 2022 was the deadline for the initial filing of plans and rates, but insurers may revise their filings through July 20, 2022.


The good news is that Minnesota's Commerce Dept. presents their annual health insurance premium rate filings  for both the individual and small group markets clearly and simply.

The bad news is they don't include the number of enrollees for each carrier, and even the SERFF database filings don't include that information...yet. Fortunately, MNsure does provide a carrier breakout of the individual market...but this only includes on-exchange enrollment, which means PreferredOne (which only offers ACA plans off-exchange) isn't listed, nor are any off-exchange enrollees for the other five exchange carriers.

As for the small group market, the most recent hard enrollment data I have for that is from 2021, which means it's likely not terribly accurate anymore (especially since PreferredOne appears to be dropping out of the MN small group market entirely next year). In addition, UnitedHealthcare scrapped all of their sm. group offerings last year and replaced them with new ones, so I have no clue how many enrollees they have at the moment.

District of Columbia

via the DC Dept. of Insurance, Securities & Banking:

Insurers File Proposed Rates for 2023 District of Columbia Health Plan Offerings

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Washington – The District of Columbia Department of Insurance, Securities and Banking (DISB) has received 208 proposed health insurance plan rates for annual review in advance of open enrollment for plan year 2023. The proposed rates were submitted for DC Health Link, the District of Columbia’s health insurance marketplace, from Aetna, CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield, Kaiser Permanente and United Healthcare.

The proposed rates are for individuals, families and small businesses for the 2023 plan year. Overall, the number of plans submitted for 2022 is up by 51 from those submitted for 2022.