ACA Medicaid expansion enrollment up 235,000 since January across 17 states

Of the 31 states which have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, only a handful issue regular monthly or weekly enrollment reports.

I noted in February that enrollment in the ACA's Medicaid expansion program had increased by around 35,000 people across just 4 states (LA, MI, MN & PA).

It's early June now, so I checked in once more, and the numbers have continued to grow. I have the direct links for 5 states now (including New Hampshire)...

...but in addition, Jeffrey Young of the Huffington Post has compiled the latest Medicaid enrollment data, including the ACA expansion breakout, for another dozen states:

  • Alaska: Up 8,900 to 33,32,958
  • Arizona: Up 73,000 to 471,024
  • Arkansas: Down 8,400 to 321,575
  • Colorado: Up 201,000 to 618,812 (this is likely a case of the January number being incorrect in the first place)
  • Indiana: Up 5,300 to 429,309
  • Iowa: Down 10,100 to 139,895
  • Kentucky: Up 26,300 to 469,322
  • Montana: Up 16,100 to 77,154
  • Nevada: Down 110,300 to 209,701 (again, likely the January number was wrong originally)
  • North Dakota: Down 39 to 18,961 (it was rounded off at 19,000 to begin with)
  • Ohio: Up 34,000 to 724,016
  • West Virginia: Up 1,200 to 170,218

Add them all up and that's a net increase of 326,000 Medicaid expansion enrollees across 17 states. If you cancel out the Colorado and Nevada discrepancies (since I'm pretty sure that my earlier estimates were way off in both cases), that means the net increase is around 235,000 enrollees higher than the 14.9 million I had estimated back in January.

Young clarified that the "thru dates" vary for different states...some are as of the end of 2016, others as of May and the rest are scattered throughout 2017, so this isn't a precise measurement, but it's still several hundred thousand higher than it was six months ago.

Also, remember that there are 31 states which expanded Medicaid. These 17 states represent roughly 45% of the Medicaid expansion population. Assuming the net increase across the other 14 states is similar proportionally, that means the national net increase since January is likely closer to +520,000 or so.