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Over at Vox, Dylan Scott has an excellent overview of the pending Medicaid Unwinding debacle about to unfold across the country:

Perhaps the greatest success of the American health care system these last few benighted years is this surprising fact: The uninsured rate has reached a historic low of about 8 percent.

...One [COVID era] policy was likely the single largest factor. Over the past three years, under an emergency pandemic measure, states have stopped double-checking if people who are enrolled in Medicaid are still eligible for its coverage. If you were enrolled in Medicaid in March 2020, or if you became eligible at any point during the pandemic, you have remained eligible the entire time no matter what, even if your income later went up.

But in April, that will end — states will be re-checking every Medicaid enrollee’s eligibility, an enormous administrative undertaking that will put health insurance coverage for millions of Americans at risk.

The Biden administration estimates upward of 15 million people — one-sixth of the roughly 90 million Americans currently receiving Medicaid benefits — could lose coverage, a finding that independent analysts pretty much agree with. Those are coverage losses tantamount to a major economic downturn: By comparison, from 2007 to 2009, amid the worst economic downturn of most Americans’ lifetimes, an estimated 9 million Americans lost their insurance.

Psychedelic Donuts

Note: Yes, I'm aware that the upcoming "unwinding" of Medicaid via the end of the Public Health Emergency provisions is about to blow this entire project up, but that's kind of the point, to see where things stand as of this moment.

Nearly 7 years ago, I compiled the best breakout I could estimate of the healthcare coverage status of the entire U.S. population, in a post (and graphic) which gained quite a bit of praise. It even (to my surprise) ended up as a finalist in the National Institute for Health Care Management (NIHCM) Digital Media Awards in 2017.

Seven years, two administrations, one federal insurrection and one global pandemic later, I figured it was time to finally update the breakout of what I've since decided to refer to as the Psychedelic Donut.