Pennsylvania: @PennieOfficial adds over 60K new enrollees during 2021 Special Enrollment Period; 90% of 335K total receiving financial help

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I'm gonna be posting mea culpas for a few days for missing important ACA-related announcements over the past few weeks.

(again, this is outdated as the SEP is now over but it includes some important data points)

via Pennie, Pennsylvania's state-based ACA exchange:

Wolf Administration Commemorates Pennie’s Two-Year Anniversary; Encourages Pennsylvanians to Enroll in Health Coverage

  • Deadline to Receive 2021 Savings on Health Coverage is August 15

Harrisburg, PA – The Wolf Administration today commemorated the two-year anniversary of Pennie, Pennsylvania’s state-based health exchange. To date, more than 335,000 consumers have enrolled for coverage through Pennie and, because of the American Rescue Plan, average premiums after subsidies have dropped by half since the beginning of the year, down to $86 a month.

Pennie was established as a state-affiliated entity within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through Act 42 of 2019. Pennie was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on July 2, 2019 after passing unanimously through both chambers of the General Assembly.

“The unique opportunity created by the COVID-19 Enrollment Period and the effectuation of the American Rescue Plan has increased and expanded savings through Pennie, creating a pathway to affordable coverage and financial protection to more Pennsylvanians. Pennie’s top priority is to connect Pennsylvanians to quality, affordable health coverage; and there has never been a better opportunity to do so,” said Pennsylvania Insurance Department Commissioner Jessica Altman. “We strongly encourage anyone who is uninsured to apply through Pennie before the deadline Sunday.”

Through Pennie, health care has never been more accessible for those who are uninsured in Pennsylvania, but time is running out. The deadline to apply for health coverage with significant savings for 2021 is Sunday, August 15.

“As a state-based exchange, we now have the flexibility and autonomy necessary to meet the specific needs of Pennsylvanians,” said Pennie Executive Director Zachary W. Sherman. “We strongly encourage anyone seeking health coverage to visit and enroll today to receive these savings in 2021 through the COVID-19 Enrollment Period. Pennsylvanians interested in enrolling who don’t apply by the August 15 deadline may have to wait until Pennie’s next Open Enrollment Period, which begins on November 1st for 2022 coverage.”

Since the enrollment period began on February 15, over 60,000 new customers have signed up for coverage through Pennie. Over the last two months, Pennie has fully implemented the American Rescue Plan, delivering it’s benefits to eligible Pennie customers. Currently, approximately ninety percent of the nearly 335,000 existing Pennie customers are receiving financial assistance, and the amount of financial assistance available has increased by $49 million a month. For more information on the impact of the American Rescue Plan, click here.

“Pennie has lowered costs and put health insurance in reach for thousands of Pennsylvanians. I strongly urge people to sign up for it before this week’s open enrollment deadline,” said House Democratic Leader Joanna McClinton.

Once the COVID-19 special enrollment period concludes, Pennsylvanians will still be able to access coverage through Pennie if they experience significant life changes that may qualify them for a special enrollment period at any time in any year. Any Pennsylvanian currently receiving a fully subsidized COBRA premium, another benefit of the American Rescue Plan that will end in September, will also be eligible to transition to coverage on Pennie once that subsidy ends.

“This program has delivered on the promises we made to Pennsylvanians two years ago,” Speaker of the House Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) said. “Hundreds of thousands of our friends and neighbors are spending less to get the coverage they need. It is a success story that doesn’t choose party lines and one every Pennsylvanian can take pride in.”

To get covered, apply for coverage, and enroll in the current “COVID-19 Enrollment Period” that is open to all Pennsylvanians and runs until this Sunday, August 15. Pennie encourages anyone who is uninsured and is seeking coverage to apply at to receive the 2021 savings for health insurance.