Connecticut: 109K QHPs to date (87% of my target)

AccessHealth CT reported 104.4K QHP selections as of 1/05 a week or so ago. They just posted a new quickie update via Twitter:

So far this year we've had 15,214 new QHP customers, for a total of 108,830. #AHCTBoDMeeting

— Access Health CT (@AccessHealthCT) January 21, 2016

For the record, that also means 93,616 renewals from last year.

They also confirmed later that these numbers are as of 1/19, so that's an additional 4,467 in 14 days, or 319 per day on average.

They'll almost certainly reach their own target of 105K - 115K QHPs, but to achieve my target of 125K they'll have to ramp things up to over 1,300 per day for the remaining 12 days of open enrollment, which is probably pushing it (120K might be doable, however).