Connecticut: 2,000 additional QHPs added since 12/26

This isn't a huge update, especially given yesterday's ASPE report which pegged Connecticut's QHP tally at 102,066 as of December 26th, but every update helps:

JANUARY 8, 2016

As of this week, Access Health CT announced it has more than 104,000 individuals enrolled in qualified health plans. That number could change during the final weeks of open enrollment and as existing customers renew coverage.

Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman, who chairs the Access Health CT board, said the group is urging residents to check their healthcare coverage to make sure everything is correct for 2016. People without health insurance could face federal tax penalties.

...Access Health CT reported in late December over 34,000 new Connecticut customers had enrolled in health coverage since Nov. 1, on par with last year at this time. The new enrollment number represents 11,000 qualified health plan members and 23,000 Medicaid members.

I'm not sure what "as of this week" means, but I'll assume that's as of Wednesday. "Over 104K" means at least 104,001, so Connecticut's official numbers of late have been:

Again, the Christmas/New Year's weeks were practically dead nationally, so this doesn't mean much, but assuming the exact same rate over the final 25 days, that'd be 176/day x 25 = about 4,400 more QHPs added by the 1/31 deadline, for a total of at least 108.4K (16.6K short of my personal target for Connecticut).

To achieve my target, Connecticut would have to ramp up to 840/day for the rest of January, or 4.7x it's rate over the past couple of weeks.

UPDATE: OK, the exact number from the Access Health CT press release is 104,363 people as of January 5th.