Pennsylvania’s Insurance Marketplace, Pennie, Sets New Health Coverage Enrollment Record, Helping Nearly 435,000 Pennsylvanians Secure Health Insurance In 2024

via Pennie, Pennsylvania's state-based ACA exchange:

  • The record number of Pennsylvanians is an increase of over 150,000 – 56 percent – since Pennie launched in 2020.

Harrisburg, PA – Today, Pennie – PA's official health insurance marketplace – announced that a record nearly 435,000 Pennsylvanians are now covered with affordable, high-quality health coverage through Pennie. This represents a 17% increase compared to this time last year, far exceeding the average annual increase of 1%. Marketplace enrollment has increased by over 150,000 in the four years since Pennsylvania took over ownership and operations from the federal marketplace ( – a 56% increase.  

"We are beyond thrilled to see Pennie's enrollment numbers skyrocket for 2024, knowing this means so many more Pennsylvanians have chosen to protect their health and their savings this year," said Pennie Executive Director Devon Trolley. "Pennie strives to ensure every Pennsylvanian has the benefits of health coverage, and we will continue to serve as a trusted and objective source for affordable and high-quality coverage."

The record high enrollment numbers are proof that the increased federal premium subsidies through the Inflation Reduction Act are helping more Pennsylvania families than ever to enroll in coverage. Across Pennie customers, the increased subsidies reduce premiums by an additional 45%, compared to the baseline subsidies alone. Pennie is the only place where Pennsylvanians can get these financial savings to reduce the cost of coverage and care. Nine in 10 enrollees qualify and save more than $500 a month on average. 

"The Pennsylvania Insurance Department (PID) is here to help our consumers – and we aim to make sure all Pennsylvanians are protected through fair and effective regulation of the marketplace. This record-breaking number in enrollment is a tremendous milestone because it means more Pennsylvanians than ever have secured an affordable plan through Pennie, benefitting from one of many options in our competitive and robust marketplace," said Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Michael Humphreys. "PID and Pennie will continue working together to ensure that we reach Pennsylvanians who are still without health insurance and help them access and find affordable and high-quality coverage through Pennie." 

The recent success is also due in part to Pennie's collaboration with Pennsylvania's Department of Human Services (DHS) to ensure individuals who are no longer eligible for Medicaid have a clear path to enroll through Pennie. 

"As a physician, I have seen firsthand how lack of access to high-quality, affordable health coverage can take a toll on a person's overall health and wellbeing. That is why DHS and Pennie have worked together for over a year to ensure that Pennsylvanians stay covered amid major federal changes to Medicaid and CHIP," said DHS Secretary Dr. Val Arkoosh. "Every Pennsylvanian deserves the dignity of knowing they can go to the doctor or fill a prescription when they need it, and it is a huge accomplishment that more Pennsylvanians than ever have the peace of mind that comes with having coverage to keep themselves and their families healthy."

Although the annual Pennie Open Enrollment period is now closed until November 1, 2024, any Pennsylvanian looking for coverage before then will need a qualifying life event to enroll through Pennie. Qualifying life events – such as losing other coverage (including job coverage or Medicaid), moving to Pennsylvania, having a baby, and more – will allow for a time-limited Special Enrollment Period. Those still without coverage may qualify to enroll through Path to Pennie this tax season while filing their Pennsylvania tax return. Learn more at  

Current Pennie customers should update their Pennie account throughout the year, especially if their household size or income changes.  

If any Pennsylvanian finds themselves or a household member without health coverage during the year, they should explore their affordable, quality health coverage options through or Pennie Customer Service at 1-844-844-8040.