Minnesota: PRELIMINARY 2020 ACA Exchange Premium Rate Changes: 1.6% increase

The Minnesota Commerce Dept. just posted their preliminary 2020 Individual and Small Group rate changes. The actual rate changes are pretty straightforward...a mere 1.6% average rate increase on the ACA Individual Market, and a 5.5% increase on the Small Group market.

Unfortunately, the actual effectuated enrollment for each carrier (which I use to calculate the weighted average) was provided in either the MN Commece website post or even in the currently-available raw SERFF rate filing forms, so I had to put together estimates based on last year's market share numbers, modified for 2019 based on the on-exchange portion of the total enrollment for the Indy market (for the small group market I just went with the straight 2018 shares).

Even if I'm slightly off, it isn't likely to be by much on the Individual Market; four of the five carriers are within a 6.1 point range, and the fifth (PreferredOne) only has a tiny number of off-exchange enrollees anyway.