Good News! HealthCare.Gov will (probably) be secure until the #TrumpShutdown is over!

So I was reading this thread on Twitter...

When people say “oh the shutdown only affects government workers,” remind them that IT requires maintenance. GOV websites that help businesses are going offline by the dozens per week

— Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) January 17, 2019

How many government servers were not patched in the past month? How many applications and website frameworks were not updated? How many pentests were postponed? How many logs were not examined for intruders?

— Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) January 17, 2019

Imagine if your private company simply stopped having employees show up for a month. The government is no different and the impact is larger than all but the most massive private sector orgs

— Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) January 17, 2019

Imagine the advantage this gives to foreign intel adversaries

— Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) January 17, 2019

I bet at least one GOV that greatly influences your life was about to remove SMB1, SSL3, Apache 2.2, etc...

— Ned Pyle (@NerdPyle) January 17, 2019

...and out of curiousity, I decided to check out the SSL certificate status of a few key federal healthcare websites:

Oh, good. Assuming the federal government is reopened before March 26th, there should be someone around to renew their security certificate.

The Medicare and Medicaid websites are good through October...

The Veterans Administration's SSL Certificate, on the other hand, will have to be renewed before February 28th.

OK, the truth is that the entire HHS Dept. has been fully funded through the end of September...

This is correct. Congress approved, and @POTUS signed into law back in September, appropriations for HHS for the entire fiscal year, 10/1/18 through 9/30/19. Including funding relating to the exchanges, premium subsidies. Etc.

— Bob Doherty (@BobDohertyACP) January 14, 2019 everything should be fine at, Medicare and Medicaid...assuming the shutdown doesn't last another 7 1/2 months, that is...