Aetna: 911K ACA exchange members (1.2 million total indy enrollees)

Last fall, Aetna reported a total of 1.1 million members in the individual market as of the 3rd quarter, including both ON and OFF exchange enrollees. That was broken out as 815,000 exchange-based (74%) and 280,000 off-exchange (26%).

Just moments ago, Bob Herman reported:

$AET finished Q1 with 1.2 million individual members. (Not sure of #ACA exchange vs off exchange breakout.)

— Bob Herman (@MHbherman) April 28, 2016

Herman just reported that the actual number of exchange-based enrollees is 911,000, a drop of 4.1% year over year.

Noteworthy: Aetna's exchange-based indy enrollments have inched up to 76% of their total indy market.

Here's what the Big Boys are looking like so far:

OK, while I'm at it, here's what the above chart looks like when I use rough estimates extrapolated from the hard national numbers. Note that Tracer has also alerted me to the fact that UnitedHealthcare had 795,000 exchange enrollees as of 3/31/16:

The red italicized numbers are simply placeholders for the moment. For Q1 2015 I added 2.4% to the Q2 number; for Q4 2015 I subtracted 5.7% from the Q3 number.