Oregon: Medicaid expansion up to 386K (+ snippets for other states)

This AP article provides snippets about a handful of states; it'd be nice if they just released the actual report so we could see the hard expansion numbers (as opposed to the total increase numbers, which are still obviously useful but don't distinguish between traditional Medicaid and ACA expansion enrollees):

In Kentucky, for example, enrollments during the 2014 fiscal year were more than double the number projected, with almost 311,000 newly eligible residents signing up. That's greater than what was initially predicted through 2021. 

...At least 14 states have seen new enrollments exceed their original projections, causing at least seven to increase their cost estimates for 2017, according to an Associated Press analysis of state budget projections, Medicaid enrollments and cost details in the expansion states. A few states said they could not provide original projections.

...California has enrolled nearly 2.3 million people so far — almost three times more than the 800,257 the state had anticipated. Enrollment in neighboring Washington more than doubled. Oregon's new enrollments have exceeded estimates by 73 percent.

In Michigan, estimated costs have shot up by 50 percent because of soaring enrollment. Ohio's projected costs more than doubled.

...Oregon originally estimated 222,700 newly eligible Medicaid recipients would sign up by the end of June, but that number ballooned to 386,000.

...In New Mexico, where enrollment under the Medicaid expansion surpassed projections by 44 percent, legislative analysts warned last month that the state will not save as much money as originally projected because cost-containing measures have proven difficult to implement.

I covered the California number on Sunday, and I've discussed my home state of Michigan many times in the past, and the Washington, Ohio and New Mexico references don't go into hard numbers, so I can't do much with them. Even the Kentucky number isn't very useful since it only covers 2014 (which I already have), not anything for 2015.

However, the Oregon figure is solid: Until now, my most recent expansion data for Oregon was around 341,000; it looks like I can bump this up to 386K now.