Colorado: IMPRESSIVE! Currently effectuated QHP enrollments INCREASE to 134,200!

Colorado is one of the few ACA exchanges issuing monthly reports during the off-season. Until now, these reports, while chock full of data, have made it rather confusing to separate out the key number which I'm looking for: The cumulative number of 2015 QHP selections and the currently effectuated QHPs, because of their tendency to mix SHOP and Dental policies into the mix.

In any event, CO's official QHP selection total as of 2/21/15 was 140,327, and as of the end of April, it was up to 146,506...of which 129,055 were actually effectuated as of 4/30.

Fortunately, starting with their June report, they've started marking the appropriate data points a bit better. While the QHP selection total is still confusing, the effectuated number (which is really more relevant at this point is the combination of APTC/CSR + non-APTC/CSR enrollees, or 74,583 + 59,617 = 134,200 people as of the end of June.

This is especially noteworthy because it's actually 4% higher than the 4/30 effectuated number...even though Colorado is one of only 3 states (along with Idaho and Massachusetts) not to allow a special tax filing season enrollment period this past spring.

This also makes it more likely that my estimate that effectuated enrollments are around 100K higher nationally (10.3 million) than they were at the end of March (10.2 million) is not only accurate, but may be underestimating things a bit; Colorado is the second state (besides Washington) to come out with effectuated numbers higher now than they were last spring.

If this trend is representative nationally, it's possible that the effecutated total as of this summer is higher yet--perhaps 10.4 million or so? However, I'll keep it at 10.3 for the time being; 2 states does not a trend make.