Colorado: 150.2K QHPs, 92-94% PAID, 3,700 SHOP

The Colorado ACA exchange has just released their latest official enrollment report, and while it's chock full of useful data, it's also bit hard to read ('s a low-res version, will swap it out with a higher-res PDF once they post it), and the numbers also require a bit of parsing...and are a bit confusing.

UPDATE: OK, I've found the actual high-res Dashboard report and have swapped out the low-res one below.

the grand total of "submitted enrollments" is just shy of 154,000. However, that appears to include 3,716 SHOP enrollees (the precise SHOP number is a bit fuzzy due to the footnote regarding this being "currently covered lives, regardless of date of enrollment").

So, separate SHOP out and you have 150,229 QHP selections.

Of those, "Currently covered lives" (ie, effectuated and paid) is a total of 144,577. Again, subtract SHOP and you have 140,861, or an impressive 93.8% payment rate...except that they list the official number of "Medical Currently Covered Lives" as 141,639, which would be 94.3%. I'm assuming the 778 difference reflects some combination of additions/drop-outs on the SHOP side, but the 141K figure is reiterated in the 2 additional slides (see below).

On the other hand, it's also possible that the 153,945 grand total figure doesn't include SHOP, in which case the payment rate is still 92% even.

I've asked the C4CO exchange to clarify here, and will update this post as appropriate. In the end, CO are still coming up short on actual QHP selections (they were shooting for 194K officially), but they're still around 20% higher than last year, which isn't too bad all things considered.