w/Maryland update, Off-Season QHP projection up to 270K - 360K

Yesterday I finally got around to actually plugging the post-4/19 data to date into a spreadsheet to clarify my earlier "off-season" estimate of 200K - 300K exchange QHP enrollments per month (it was actually more like 230K - 330K).

Today, Maryland issued their latest report, which brings their data up through May 31st. After entering the new data, the overall projection chart has jumped dramatically and now stands at between 270K - 360K per month:

Again, this range will likely jump around quite a bit more as additional enrollment data comes in, especially from the larger states. Unfortunately, HHS is refusing to issue any official reports, as has New York (the 2nd largest state-run exchange), which leaves me hoping that Covered California will do so soon; with 18% of the national total, that would bring things into focus quickly. Until then, this is the best I can do.