I received the following email:

Hi Charles,

Our son's GF moved here (Seattle) last summer from Florida. She was a few months after returning from a teaching gig in Korea (where they met), and unemployed. In FL she wasn't eligible for Medicaid, but a couple weeks after she got here I realized she would in WA.

So she signed up and it's been great, b/c in fact she did need quite a bit of overdue health services.

Now they are moving to Oregon next month and I told her, "so you're going to sign up there, right?". She tells me, "I'm not eligible there".

She shows me the Federal site, and it lists for Oregon the Florida-like limitations: you have to be a parent or pregnant or disabled, etc.

I go, "that's strange..." and look up the California eligibility. Same story.

I look up WA's own eligibility according to - same story!!! Supposedly she's not eligible for the very same coverage she's actually enjoying right now with full approval.