California: CoveredCA reminds residents they have until midnight Friday to #GetCovered for 2024

via Covered California:

With its open-enrollment period ending on Feb. 9, Covered California announced that a record number of Californians have selected health plans for 2024.

As of Jan. 31, there are 1,784,653 Californians who have chosen a health plan through Covered California for 2024, with 306,382​ new enrollees and 1,478,271 renewing their coverage. The total surpasses the previous high set in 2022.

The increased federal subsidies through the Inflation Reduction Act paired with California’s new cost-sharing reduction program for 2024 helped create the highest number of new sign-ups during an open-enrollment period since 2020. Consumers have until midnight on Feb. 9 to enroll in coverage that would be effective as of Feb. 1.

“The high demand for Covered California shows that the increased financial help for 2024 is making health care coverage more attainable and affordable for more Californians,” said Executive Director Jessica Altman. “Those who remain without health insurance still have time to sign up and be covered for the rest of the year. You can apply on or reach out to one of our 14,000 agents and community enrollment partners throughout the state to help you get the peace of mind that comes with having health insurance.”

Signing Up for Coverage Is Easy

Consumers can learn more about their options by visiting, where they can easily find out if they qualify for financial help and see the coverage options in their area. Those interested in learning more about their coverage options can also:

  • Get free and confidential assistance over the phone, in a variety of languages, from one of more than 14,000 certified agents and community-based organizations throughout the state that provide free, confidential help.
  • Call Covered California at (800) 300-1506.

The 1,784,653 figure as of 1/31 is 2.6% higher than last year's final 1,739,368 enrollments. Technically I'd have to tack on the additional nine days of enrollments this year, but that seems a bit unfair given that they didn't even announce the 9-day extension until 1/31. So, +2.6% it is. Fair enough. Not that impressive this year given that some states shot up as much as 80%, but an increase is an increase.