New Mexico: BeWellNM 2024 ACA Open Enrollment wraps up w/56.4K QHPs, up 38.4% y/y! (updated)

BeWell NM

BeWell NM, New Mexico's state-based ACA exchange, has launched a very handy new Enrollment Data portal which includes plenty of info for a data hound like myself to pore over:

Last night was the official deadline for the 2024 ACA Open Enrollment Period in New Mexico. As of today, their dashboard reads:

UPDATE: I've received a correction directly from BeWell NM:

because of the MLK holiday, enrollments are being accepted by beWellnm through 11:59 pm today.

  • Number of enrolled consumers: 55,771
  • Consumers enrolled in Medical coverage: 54,914
  • Consumers enrolled in Dental coverage: 14,399

While dental coverage is also important, standalone dental plans aren't considered Qualified Health Plans (QHPs); it's the "Medical Coverage" which is the key number here.

Also, the total number above may look confusing, but most of the Medical & Dental coverage enrollees overlap:

  • Medical Only: 41,372
  • Dental Only: 857
  • Medical + Dental: 13,542

Last year's final total enrollment came in at  40,778, which means the final 2024 OEP enrollment total is 34.7% higher than last year!

There exact figure may be slightly higher or lower after the dust settles due to stragglers being added, corrections to clerical errors etc, but this should be pretty close to the final tally.

Anyway, the portal also provides several other tabs of ongoing data: Metal level breakout, subsidy type & amount breakouts, enrollee income levels and even how many applications were completed/enrolled vs not completing the process. Very helpful indeed.

UPDATE 1/17/24: Whoa...strike that; BeWell NM's actual final 2024 OEP tally is higher yet: 56,447 Qualified Health Plans! I've confirmed w/the exchange that this is in fact the official final total as of midnight last night.

That's actually a 38.4% year over year increase!

It's also noteworthy because it means that 1,533 more people enrolled on the final day of Open Enrollment in New Mexico. For comparison, an average of just 270 had enrolled in the previous 10 days, showing that there's still a "last day spike" effect in at least one state.