New Mexico: BeWell NM enrolls 53.5K QHP enrollees, up 32% y/y so far!

BeWell NM

BeWell NM, New Mexico's state-based ACA exchange, has launched a very handy new Enrollment Data portal which includes plenty of info for a data hound like myself to pore over:

First, the top line numbers (as of 1/12/23):

  • Number of enrolled consumers: 54,318
  • Consumers enrolled in Medical coverage: 53,526
  • Consumers enrolled in Dental coverage: 13,787

While dental coverage is also important, standalone dental plans aren't considered Qualified Health Plans (QHPs); it's the "Medical Coverage" which is the key number here.

Also, the total number above may look confusing, but most of the Medical & Dental coverage enrollees overlap:

  • Medical Only: 40,531
  • Dental Only: 792
  • Medical + Dental: 12,995

For comparison, last year BeWell NM reported enrolling just 38,384 people through January 7th, so it breaks out as:

  • 2024 OEP: 53,526 in 72 days (743/day)
  • 2023 OEP: 38,384 in 68 days (564/day)

In other words, New Mexico's Open Enrollment is 31.7% ahead of last year at the same point in time...with a month left for people to enroll.

In fact, last year's final total enrollment came in at  40,778, which means 2024 OEP enrollment is 31.3% higher than last year's final tally!

Anyway, the portal also provides several other tabs of ongoing data: Metal level breakout, subsidy type & amount breakouts, enrollee income levels and even how many applications were completed/enrolled vs not completing the process. Very helpful indeed.