Connecticut: Access Health CT enrolls 122.6K during Open Enrollment; up 21% y/y so far

Via Access Health CT's News/Press Releases page:

Stats as of December 29, 2023

Qualified Health Plans (QHP):

  • QHP Enrollment In 2023 Coverage: 122,656
  • 2024 OE Acquisition Summary: 22,678


  • Completed applications/redeterminations processed through the integrated eligibility system: 42,619

It's my understanding that "Acquisition Summary" refers to CT residents who are brand-new enrollees (never enrolled via the exchange before).

The 122.6K figure includes auto-renewals being piled on top of the new/active renewal tally.

By comparison, last year Access Health CT reported enrolling 103,380 people through December 30th (one extra day since Nov. 1st fell on a Tuesday last year); this also included auto-renewals:

  • 2023: 103,380 in 60 days (1,723/day)
  • 2024: 122,656 in 59 days (2,079/day)

In other words, Connect's ACA exchange has enrolled 20.7% more people per day so far.

Access Health CT's final tally at the end of Open Enrollment last year was 108,132, so they're already 13.4% ahead of that.