Nevada: @NVHealthLink announces 101.4K QHP enrollments during 2022 OEP, up 24% y/y!!

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This just in via Nevada Health Link:

Nevada Health Link Enrolls Over 100,000 Nevadans in Health Insurance During Open Enrollment

  • The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange marks its highest enrollment numbers during 2022 Plan Year Open Enrollment Period

(CARSON CITY, NV) – Over 100,000 Nevadans enrolled in health insurance during Nevada Health Link’s two-and-a-half month Open Enrollment Period (OEP) which ended Saturday, January 15. With a 25% increase in enrollments from last year’s enrollment period, this marks the largest enrollment cohort since the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Exchange) began operating as a state-based marketplace in 2019.

Of the 101,409 total Nevadans who enrolled in health insurance plans through, 20,897 were new enrollees, meaning they were not previously enrolled in health insurance through the Exchange. 27,717 were active re-enrollees, meaning they went to to upgrade or change their current plan.

I should note that the official 2021 Open Enrollment Period QHP selection total for Nevada was 81,903, which would make the 2022 OEP total 23.8% higher year over year, not 25%...but there's often slight discrepancies between the state exchanges & CMS's official figures for various reasons.

“I am incredibly proud of the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange for completing a record- setting Open Enrollment Period this year and enrolling over 100,000 Nevadans in health and dental coverage,” said Governor Steve Sisolak, who has made a commitment to expanding access to affordable health care in Nevada. “Ensuring all Nevadans have access to quality, affordable health insurance is critical and the results from this year's open enrollment shows that Nevadans will get covered when they have affordable options like those provided on”

The success of this year’s open enrollment comes alongside recent advancements in the online marketplace. is Nevada’s online health insurance marketplace connecting individuals to affordable health and dental coverage and the only place Nevadans can receive federal subsidies to reduce the cost of monthly premiums.

This OEP, Nevadans had more access to financial assistance, due to the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), which provided increased and expanded federal subsidies for consumers. In fact, 88% of Nevadans who shopped for insurance through received some amount of financial assistance; and almost half of all enrollees had a net premium of $100 or less. Some eligible Nevadans also qualified for $0 plans due to collecting unemployment at any point during 2021 or for other income-based reasons.

“The Exchange has worked diligently to offer more plans, more options, more assistance and most importantly, ensure Nevadans are aware of their potential cost savings available by getting covered on the Exchange,” said Janel Davis, Communications Officer for the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. “Most of the consumers have qualified for some amount of federal subsidy to lower monthly costs, and almost half enrolled in plans with a premium under $100. We are proud to give Nevadans reassurance that health care can be affordable.”

Many Nevadans also took advantage of free enrollment assistance offered on, a process which allows consumers to get connected with certified brokers or navigators to help them select plans and discover savings. This enrollment assistance is offered in multiple languages and is available in person through various locations throughout the state; as well as over the phone. This year, the call center customer satisfaction survey has a score of 94%.

During this Open Enrollment Period, Nevadans also had more plan options than previous years, including 126 total qualified health plans (from 50 last year) and seven insurance carriers (from 5 last year), which gave consumers expanded options when selecting coverage that fit their budget and health needs.

Although open enrollment has concluded, there are still some who may be eligible to sign up for plans on the Exchange, including those experiencing Qualifying Life Events (QLEs), such as losing health insurance, change of employment or income, getting married, having a child or moving. A full list of QLE’s may be found online here.

Nevada Health Link is ideal for those who don’t qualify for Medicare (age 65+) or Medicaid benefits, but still want a lower monthly premium; those who don’t have employee-sponsored health insurance, including independent contractors and gig workers; and anyone seeking comprehensive, quality and affordable plans.

To find out if you’re eligible and to learn more, visit or call 1-800-547- 2927.