UPDATE: Which COUNTIES have the highest per capita rates of #COVID19 cases/fatalities?

I've made major progress in updating and revising my breakout of COVID-19 cases and fatalities at not just the state level but the county level, and should now be able to post updated summaries of the worst-hit counties on a weekly basis.

Due to the sheer volume of data involved, I've had to separate out the states into two separate spreadsheets:

All data below is up to date as of Saturday, May 16th, although due to variances in when different states report the data, some of the data may be from a day earlier. The counties are color-coded depending on whether they voted for Donald Trump (orange) or Hillary Clinton (blue) in 2016.

As you can see, on a per capita basis, the 9 counties with the highest rate of confirmed COVID-19 infections in the country all voted for Trump, and 8 of the 9 are in states which Trump won.  Most of these appear to feature either prisons, meat packing plants or both. The blue county which currently ranks highest on the list is Rockland County, New York.

Regarding New York, I should also note that the data for the five boroughs of New York City specifically may be slightly off due to how the city, the state and the New York Times GitHub data archive report their cases; I had to estimate the split of the total citywide number for each borough, and this is further complicated by the confusion over whether or not several thousand nursing home deaths were included in the case and death totals. I hope to have this sorted out by my next weekly update.

When sorted by confirmed COVID-19 deaths per capita, it's a different story:

Sorted by fatalities per capita, the partisan picture is quite different--only three of the ten counties with the highest COVID-19 mortality rate voted for Trump, although this does inlcude the very first one. Statewise, however, it's worth noting that Georgia holds the four top spots here, with two of them having voted for Trump and the other two for Clinton. I'll have another post on Georgia later on today, given the revelation over the weekend that the state appears to have been posting some misleading graphs of their COVID data.