Colorado: Over 10,000 have enrolled via #COVID19 SEP so far; standard SEPs continue past 4/30

via Connect for Health Colorado:

10,000 Coloradans Covered during Emergency Special Enrollment Period So Far; Marketplace Open to Those with Life Changes

More than 10,000 Coloradans so far have signed up for a health insurance plan through Connect for Health Colorado’s emergency Special Enrollment period, which ends Thursday, April 30, 2020. The Marketplace opened the Special Enrollment period on March 20 in response to the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Uninsured residents have nine days left to enroll for coverage that begins on May 1. 

“We created this enrollment opportunity to relieve some stress for thousands of families who are trying to figure out their health coverage needs during this time.” said Chief Executive Officer Kevin Patterson. “I encourage residents who are uninsured to sign up before the April 30 deadline.”  

Coloradans who have had a change in job, income or living situation should contact Connect for Health Colorado to find what health care coverage and financial help could be available. In addition to the COVID-19 Special Enrollment period, residents might qualify for a 60-day Special Enrollment periodthat allows them to sign up for a new health insurance plan or to change their current plan. 

Business owners who are looking for options as employee insurance benefits end can direct employees to Connect for Health Colorado to enroll. Our plans are often far more affordable than COBRA, and we offer financial help.

As a reminder, Connect for Health Colorado only sells health insurance plans with a full package of benefits, known as Qualified Health Plans. Plans sold outside of the Marketplace may only cover a limited number of injuries or diseases. The Colorado Division of Insurance is warning consumers about marketing organizations and agents using misleading tactics to sell products that are not Qualified Health Plans. Connect for Health Colorado encourages residents to contact our trained and certified brokers and assisters, who continue to provide virtual and/or phone appointments.