Connecticut: ACT FAST! It doesn't look like @AccessHealthCT plans on extending their #COVID19 SEP deadline any further

Access Health CT, Connecticut's ACA exchange, originally offered a short COVID-specific Special Enrollment Period through April 2nd. When the original deadline approached, they, like most of the other state-based ACA exchanges, bumped that deadline out...until April 17th, aka tomorrow (Friday).

CT's COVID SEP has always been stricter than mos; they require Conecticut residents to call the exchange as opposed to simply enrolling online. Other state-based exchanges have either made their deadlines much later in the first place (California and DC placed their deadlines in June out of the gate) or they extended them a second time, like Rhode Island and Maryland. In Connecticut's case, however, it doesn't look like they plan on bumping it out a second time:

New Special Enrollment Period For Uninsured Ends Friday, April 17

  • Important information about the documents needed to enroll
  • The New Special Enrollment Period for uninsured Connecticut residents ends this week, on Friday, April 17, 2020.
  • To help the enrollment process, Access Health CT is sharing information about the documents needed to successfully enroll during this time.
  • CT residents who experience a Qualifying Life Event, like losing coverage due to job change/loss, can enroll in health insurance coverage with Access Health CT through a Special Enrollment Period at any time during the year—this is different than the New Special Enrollment Period for the uninsured, which ends Friday, April 17, 2020.

HARTFORD, Conn. (April 15, 2020)—The Access Health CT (AHCT) New Special Enrollment Period for Connecticut’s uninsured population ends this Friday, April 17, 2020. Uninsured individuals can sign up for health insurance coverage through Access Health CT during this time. The effective date for coverage for enrollments during the New Special Enrollment Period completed after Thursday, April 2 will be May 1, 2020. The only way to sign up for this New Special Enrollment Period is by calling 855-365-2428.

In the last month, 1,920 previously uninsured residents have enrolled in health insurance plans through the New Special Enrollment Period.

This data point is important for my purposes.

“We are experiencing a public health crisis,” said Access Health CT Chief Executive Officer, James Michel. “In addition to social distancing and staying home, making sure that you are covered with a quality health insurance plan is a great way to help you and your family stay healthy. If you are uninsured, make sure to call before midnight on Friday.”

Information you need to enroll:

IMPORTANT: Individuals who experience a Qualifying Life Event, e.g. losing coverage due to job change, moving to Connecticut, getting married, having/adopting a child, etc. OR qualify for Medicaid/Children’s Health Program (CHIP), can always enroll online, in-person or over the phone and all help is free. More information here.

Access Health CT encourages everyone to maintain coverage during the public health emergency and beyond. Connecticut residents whose income has been impacted by COVID-19 should adjust their estimated 2020 income here, as they may be eligible for additional financial help to pay for monthly costs.