New Hampshire: 13.7% net QHP attrition as of May

A few weeks ago I reported on some weirdness in New Hampshire's monthly exchange QHP enrollment data. They were showing an unusually high effectuated enrollment drop-off between March and April, especially odd considering that enrollment had supposedly increased from February to March.

It turned out to be a clerical error on the part of one of the carriers; this has since been corrected (though the earlier months were left as is), so the May report which was just released is back on track:

The official OE3 QHP selection number for New Hampshire was 55,183 people, which doesn't include the "PAP" (Premium Assistance Program) figure (aka NH's "private medicaid option" program). Subtracting May's 41,569 PAPs leaves 47,596 people enrolled in exchange QHPs as of mid-May.

That's a 13.7% net drop, which is actually slightly better than I'd expect it to be as of now.

The SHOP number (where the data error is even more obvious) stands at just 865 people as of May.