UPDATE: Hmmmm...HC.gov might want to update their carrier database, *quickly*...

The thought just occurred to me: Given that 9 of the ACA CO-OPs have closed up shop over the past few months...including no fewer than 6 in just the past 2 weeks (Kentucky, Tennessee, Colorado, Oregon, South Carolina and, just yesterday, Utah), along with at least two private insurers (WINhealth of Wyoming and, to a lesser extent, Coventry of Kansas) due specifically to what I've designated the #RiskCorridorMassacre, something occurred to me.

It looks like WINhealth and Coventry aren't listed in Wyoming and Kansas respectively, although that's hard to say since they may not be state-wide anyway (I picked random zip codes within each state). Likewise, the Tennessee and Oregon CO-OPs appear to have been stripped from the database. Colorado's HealthOP is also missing for 2016, although apparently they're still accepting new enrollees for one month only for December, which seems rather odd to me. I couldn't check on Kentucky's CO-OP listing at all since kynect doesn't appear to allow 2016 window shopping yet (or at least you have to have login info first).

However, there's a little problem in Utah and South Carolina:

Arches Health Plan (the Utah CO-OP) is still listed:

Consumers' Choice (the South Carolina CO-OP) is still listed:

Someone at HealthCare.Gov might want to take care of this ASAP to avoid confusion.

UPDATE: To clarify, I'm not berating HC.gov for this; hell, the Utah closure was just announced yesterday, two days after Window Shopping went live. Presumably they'll remove both listings by Sunday.