Guess What (probably) Just Broke 13 Million??

Assuming my ballpark estimate of appx. 7,500 Off-Season QHP Selections Per Day is accurate, the grand total nationally should be breaking the 13 million milestone right (or at least sometime this week).

I should note that thanks to this morning's New York update, the confirmed total has now officially broken the 12.1 million mark. The other 900,000 or so haven't been reported yet, and are mostly via Healthcare.Gov, of course.

Of course, this is mostly a symbolic milestone, since the effectuated enrollment number is likely still hovering around 10.3 - 10.4 million (or possibly still as low as 10.2 million, assuming Anthem's new numbers are representative nationally). Even so, it's worth marking the moment.

In addition, I'm fairly certain that ACA-enabled Medicaid enrollments have now broken the 14.5 million mark, although 950K of those were pre-2013 transfers from existing state-run programs (so, call it a net increase of 13.5 million since October 2013, if you don't think those should "count" for whatever reason).