FWIW, tomorrow's HC.gov "weekly report" should total around 9.0M (or 8.8M after purge)

OK, these weekly estimates of HC.gov QHP enrollments probably don't mean much now that we're out of the official enrollment period, but what the heck.

On Wednesday the HHS Dept. should release the first post-deadline enrollment report, which should run through Friday, February 20th. Assuming this is the case, I'm estimating that there should have been roughly 9.0 million QHP selections even. However, the last report stated that the roughly 200,000 people who are being kicked off of their policies due to problems with their legal residency verification will be removed "in future reports after their coverage ends on February 28."

That sounds like they'll probably be included in tomorrow's report (with a similar caveat/footnote), but subtracted after that. Assuming that they yank them tomorrow after all, the "official" QHP selection total should be more like 8.8 million.

Meanwhile, total QHP selections (nationally) should have hit around 11.87 million as of the 20th (or 11.67 million if you subtract the 200K "residency issue" enrollees).