Massachusetts already at 50% of their 2014 total (+ 27.7K in Medicaid)

Yesterday I posted the MA Health Connector's first weekly dashboard report, in which they confirmed that yes, almost precisely 50% of all QHP determinations are consistently resulting in actual QHP enrollments on that same day. This held true on opening weekend (52%...3,600 out of 6,972) and held firm at 50% even in the first 8 days (14,101 out of 28,175), so I'm now pretty confident that it will stay at least at 50% daily going forward (obviously it should increase as we approach 12/15, which is fine).

Having said that, I can now add two more days to the tally...11/23 & 11/24:

So, that's 14,101 confirmed through 11/22. Add to that 50% of the Monday & Tuesday numbers (4,330 total) and you get an additional 2,165, or 16,266 QHP enrollments total.

OK, it might be slightly lower than 50% even, but certainly above 16K.

Again, for comparison, last year Massachusetts enrolled a grand total of 32,000 people.

That's right: In just 10 days, Massachusetts has already enrolled half as many people in private policies as they did in 6 1/2 months last time around.

In addition, they've added 27,785 people to MassHealth (Medicaid) instantly.