UPDATED: Compare 2015 rates NOW in Nevada, Idaho, California, New Mexico, Utah, Maine & Washington State

There's been a lot of fuss made about 2015 ACA exchange premium rates not being available at Healthcare.Gov until after the election. The presumption, of course, is that this is being done for political reasons. While this may be true, it could also simply be that there's a lot of different policy figures to plug into the federal system, and some states haven't even finalized their rates yet.

That being said, residents of some states can check out the 2015 premiums now and compare them against their current premium:

IDAHO: Idaho is the only state moving from HC.gov to their own exchange. Idaho residents can check out their 2015 rates directly via the state exchange site.

CALIFORNIA: CoveredCA has 2015 rates available right now as well.

NEVADA: Nevada is one of two states (the other is Oregon) whose own exchange websites were so screwed up they gave up and decided to move private QHP enrollments over to the Federal exchange. However, I'm happy to report that NV residents can look up 2015 policy details already directly on the Nevada Dept. of Insurance website.  It's important to keep in mind that for Nevada, these are the full price premiums before any tax credits the enrollee may qualify for.

Between these three states, that's at least 1.22 million current enrollees out of around 7.3 million nationally (around 17% of the total) who do indeed have the ability to see what the 2015 rates are in an easy-to-use fashion.

In addition, MARYLAND has already announced that they'll allow comparison shopping on their completely overhauled "2.0" exchange website starting on November 9th, 6 days before the start of #OE2 (2nd open enrollment period...I'm trying to get that hashtag trending, folks...)

There may be some other state exchanges which have 2015 policy rates publicly available already, and there may even be some other states being run through HC.gov which have 2015 rates available on their own state sites (like Nevada does). If anyone knows of any, please let me know including the link if possible, thanks!

UPDATE: NEW MEXICO's Insurance Superintendent has also posted their 2015 policy premium charts, although these are in PDF format and therefore obviously a bit of a pain to wade through. Still should be helpful for some folks. Thanks to Frank P. for the heads up.

The same holds true for UTAH's insurance commissioner website. Again, one huge PDF, and it only gives premiums for 21 year olds; supposedly you can calculate other ages using the "age factor curve" whatever that is.

Finally, thanks to commentor MyGeorgiaHealthPlan for posting a link to a sampling of 2015 policy premiums out of SOUTH CAROLINA.

UPDATE x2: Thanks to "Monks of Dschubba" (?) for noting that the state of MAINE also has their 2015 premiums available on a state website already.

UPDATE x3: Thanks to David M. for pointing me towards the WASHINGTON STATE insurance commissioner's website which also has their 2015 policy rates listed (in PDF format again).