New York exchange releases extremely in-depth enrollment report which says exactly zilch about enrollment SINCE 4/15

I contacted the NY State of Health exchange a couple of weeks back and spoke a couple of times with a very nice media relations woman who explained that yes, a highly-detailed, comprehensive enrollment report would be released sometime in late June, but that no, it wouldn't include any information about exchange enrollment since the end of the first Open Enrollment period (ie, the extension period which ended on April 15th).

She said that she'd see about trying to get "off season" enrollment data back on the agenda, but just like the HHS Dept. running 36 other states, it looks like NY has decided not to bother. This leaves me crossing my fingers that California will release their off-season data sometime soon; since CA handles almost 20% of the total enrollments by itself, that (combined with the other half-dozen state exchanges providing regular updates) should be enough to extrapolate for the rest of the country. NY is the 2nd largest exchange, however, so it would've been helpful if they'd done so as well.

Anyway, here's the NY report. There's plenty of demographic info to parse, of course. Here's the main items from my perspective:

  • I had NY down as 370,451 QHPs; it's actually 370,604
  • I had the Child Health Plus program down as 65,028; it's actually 64,875
  • The Medicaid total hasn't changed: 525,283
  • 74% of the QHP recipients received a subsidy, averaging $215 apiece
  • The final "Previously Uninsured" rate for New York topped 80%. They don't break this out by QHP/Medicaid, but do confirm that Medicaid recipients were more likely to be newly insured, which isn't exactly a shocker. Assuming 90% of Medicaid (& CH+) recipients were newly insured, that means that at least 238,000 of the QHP enrollees were, or about 64% of the total. This would have been far bigger news if the Kaiser Family Foundation hadn't already released a study confirming that the "newly insured QHP" rate was about 57% nationally...although it certainly supports their findings.

There's a bunch of other demographic stuff, by age, gender, geography and so on, which is of great interest to other healthcare policy wonks I'm sure, but I'm just not that interested in most of it. I was really hoping for data from 4/16 on, and that just doesn't seem to be in the cards here.

UPDATE: Esther F. brought it to my attention that the actual report itself (PDF) does give an exact breakdown of the "previously uninsured" rates for all 3 categories; I was very close on QHPs (63% instead of 64%), although it didn't take any great insight to assume that Medicaid enrollees would be around 90% uninsured (it turns out they were 93%, but the CH+ rate was 87%, balancing it out somewhat). Again, this would have been a huge headline if the national KFF study hadn't already been released.

One other interesting data point: SHOP enrollments in NY sits at 9,787 (p.19), which is very close to my current estimate of 10K even.

However, again, there's no post-4/15 data, nor is there "How many have PAID???" data for the enrollments listed in NY, so that's about it for me.