Hey, Guess What? I think we just hit 7.5M QHPs.

Assuming that my "back of the envelope" estimates on extension-period exchange QHP enrollment are accurate, the ACA has just crossed several important milestones, including:

  • 7.5 Million exchange-based private QHP enrollments (total)
  • 7.0 Million exchange-based private QHP enrollments (paid or will pay within a month of their policies actually kicking in)
  • 20 Million documented enrollments total (ie, including all types--individual QHPs, on exchange, off-exchange, Medicaid, woodworkers, sub26ers, etc...but not including the 13.9 million undocumented, non-specific additional off-exchange QHPs and ESIs suggested by the RAND Corp. study)

Note that I've modified The Graph a bit more tonight, separating out the ESIs (Employer-Supplied Insurance) into a 4th category (this includes the tiny number of SHOP enrollments, but mostly the controverisal 8.2M ESI estimate noted by the RAND study).

Since those 8.2M ESIs have been the subject of an intense amount of debate (and even if the number is legit, there's no way of knowing how many of them are "due to" the ACA), I do not have them listed on The Graph itself.

LIkewise, while the 5.73M additional off-exchange individual QHPs are subject to far less controversy now (over 2 million have already been documented specifically, after all), I still don't have the additional amount on the graph itself since the RAND study is still the only source for them.