Kentucky: Corrected 3/31 Totals: 77K QHPs, 294K Medicaid

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Britt M.

OK, the kind folks at KynectKY have helpfully cleared up their final 3/31 numbers:

Kynectky Here is what I have. This is as of 7:00AM 04-01-14.Total QHP Enrollments: 77,044; Total MCO Enrollments: 294,221.

UPDATE: I've been so busy plugging these numbers into the spreadsheet that I haven't had a chance to see what the true impact is...and in Kentucky, it's nothing short of amazing:

Obamacare has cut Kentucky's uninsured population by more than 40 percent, signing up roughly 360,000 residents since enrollment opened up on Oct. 1, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Some 75 percent of them -- 270,000 -- were previously uninsured. That means Kentucky's uninsured population of 640,000 has come down by 42 percent.

UPDATE: (sigh) OK, another very slight update:

Kynectky Charles Gaba The total kynect enrollments as of midnight on 03-31-14 are 370,829. Total QHP Enrollments: 77,027; Total MCO Enrollments: 293,802.