With 12/28 HHS Numbers AND partial Jan. numbers, Private Total is up to 2.34 Million

Whew! OK, after plugging in the numbers from the December HHS report (which actually only runs through 12/28, which is important to keep in mind), I now have the spreadsheet as up to date as it can be. There are 12 states which have released more up-to-date enrollment figures since 12/28. When you add these more recent numbers to the 2.153 million in the HHS report (which, again, only covers through 12/28), you get the following total: 2,347,097

Now, some of this may be questionable, which is why it's clearly italicized on the spreadsheet. Specifically, there's 72,178 enrollees in Washington State who hadn't made their first payment as of January 2nd, and another 1,999 who haven't paid yet in Rhode Island. Finally, there's the confusing case of 22,000 people in Massachusetts who have apparently been approved but are just waiting on some paperwork processing to be completed; in the meantime, they've been put on some sort of temporary state-financed healthcare plan until this is resolved.

As for the Medicaid situation, I'm not entirely sure what's going on there. The actual HHS report only lists about 1.6 million people who have actually enrolled in the Medicaid expansion program through the exchanges; the other 2.9 million are presumably a combination of transfers from existing programs such as the 630,000 people in the LIHP in California and so on.

I'll have a LOT more analysis of the individual states soon, but for now I have to call it a day and go have dinner with my family.

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