Health Sherpa enrolls 40% of ALL federal exchange enrollees thru initial enrollment deadline

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I've written about Health Sherpa's stunning ACA enrollment growth several times in the past:

Three key takeaways from the CMS snapshot of the first 18 days of Open Enrollment:

1. HealthSherpa is up nearly 70% year over year, with over 2.4 million people enrolled.
2. The entire Federal Marketplace is up 40% year over year, with almost 4.1 million people covered in the same time frame.
3. We estimate that 2 out of 3 new enrollments in Federal Marketplace states - people newly covered by the ACA - came through HealthSherpa.

  • Policies: 1.79M
  • Covered Lives: 2.43M

At the time, 2.43 million enrollees via Sherpa and their affiliates represented roughly 60% of all enrollees for the first 18 days of the 2024 ACA Open Enrollment Period.

CMS reported 4.08M covered lives enrolled in exchange-based Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) thru 11/18 on the federal exchange. That means Sherpa & their affiliates/partners enrolled a stunning 60% of all enrollees for the first 18 days of the 2024 Open Enrollment Period. The biggest caveat is that Sherpa only operates on the federal exchange (which hosts 32 states this year), not any of the 19 state-based ACA exchanges. Including those, Sherpa's share dropped to perhaps 44% as of that point.

In addition, this was prior to auto-renewals being added into the mix, which didn't happen until a few days ago for federal exchange states; this, again, tends to push Sherpa's portion of total enrollments down.

Having said that, today's blog update from Health Sherpa is still pretty damned impressive:

Over 6 million people secure Jan 1, 2024 healthcare coverage through HealthSherpa (OE24 through 12/15/23)

As of December 15th, HealthSherpa has helped over 6.1 million people secure affordable healthcare coverage that will begin on January 1st, 2024.

This is the highest in company history and indicates both significant growth in the ACA Marketplace and the important contribution made by agents and brokers using the HealthSherpa ACA enrollment platform.

OEP Insights for Nov 1 – Dec 15, 2023

  • HealthSherpa policies: 4.4 million
  • HealthSherpa lives: 6.1 million

6.1 million out of 15.3 million federal exchange enrollees is just shy of 40% of the total, still an amazing figure.

If you include the additional 4.4 million confirmed enrollees in the state-based marketplace states, it drops to 31% nationally, which again, is still extremely impressive.

Cost & Subsidies:

  • Percentage claiming a subsidy; 98%
  • Percentage enrolled in $0 plans: 59%
  • Median net premium: $0.00
  • Median net subsidy: $678

Metal Levels:

  • Silver: 61%
  • Gold: 11%
  • Platinum: 0.1%
  • Bronze: 1%
  • Expanded Bronze: 27%


  • Average applicants per policy: 1.4
  • Sex of primary applicant: 51% female, 49% male
  • Median age: 46

Primary applicant age distribution:

  • 1% under 21
  • 13% 21 - 29
  • 20% 30 - 39
  • 23% 40 - 49
  • 25% 50 - 59
  • 18% 60+