.@CoveredCA launches new campaign to encourage the uninsured to #GetCovered by Jan. 31st

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LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Covered California hit the streets of downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, to paint the town and encourage the uninsured to sign up for health insurance coverage. In a partnership with a diverse collaborative of local and California-based artists, Covered California unveiled a large-scale street art piece at the historic Grand Central Market to remind Californians that they have through Jan. 31 to sign up for comprehensive health care coverage.

“We are here to spread the word across Los Angeles and the rest of the state that time is running out to sign up for quality health insurance through Covered California,” said Jessica Altman, executive director of Covered California. “Visit CoveredCA.com today, find out how much financial help you can receive, and how affordable coverage can be for you and your family.”

Open Enrollment Runs Through Jan. 31

Covered California’s open-enrollment period, which runs through Jan. 31, is the one time of the year when eligible Californians cannot be turned away from coverage.

New data shows that more than 202,000 Californians have signed up for coverage during open enrollment (through Jan. 14). In addition, more than 1.5 million people have renewed their coverage, bringing Covered California’s total enrollment to more than 1.7 million.

Hmmm...interesting. Read literally, that would be "more than" 1,702,000 enrollees through Jan. 14th...except that the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued a press release & enrollment report recently which put California's QHP selection total at 1,707,294 as of Dec. 31st.

That suggests that either the "more than 1.5M" reference is several tens of thousands higher...or that CMS is purging a significant number of QHP selections from their official count. Huh.

Two out of Every Three Enrollees Can Get Covered for $10 or Less Per Month

The strong enrollment is being driven by the increased and expanded financial help made available through the federal Inflation Reduction Act. As a result, two-thirds of Covered California enrollees are discovering they can get comprehensive coverage for all of 2023 for $10 or less per month.

In addition, financial help for middle-income consumers is lowering many of their premiums by hundreds of dollars every month.

“The increased and expanded financial help is providing significant savings for Californians, but in order for people to benefit, they need to act before the month ends,” Altman said. “Regardless of your income, It only takes a few minutes to find out how affordable coverage can be and what options are available in our area.”

Covered California Paints the Town to Encourage Enrollment

To help remind consumers about the deadline and encourage people to enroll, Covered California commissioned a large-scale street art piece that will temporarily be on display at Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market. The concept for the artwork was led by nationally recognized artist Shane Grammer, a contemporary inspired multi-disciplinary artist, who focuses on art installations, sculpture, and paintings.

Grammer’s work can be found throughout cities in Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Cambodia, South Korea, and Dubai and he previously worked for Walt Disney Imagineering as a Dimensional Designer.

The vibrant art piece conveys Covered California’s commitment to serving all Californians, and that regardless of where you live or the community you come from, Covered California is here for you.

Consumers Can Easily Check Out Their Eligibility and Options at CoveredCA.com

Those interested in applying for coverage can explore their options — and find out whether they are eligible for financial help —by using the Shop and Compare Tool at CoveredCA.com. All they need to do is enter their ZIP code, household income and the ages of those who need coverage to find out which plans are available in their area.

“Many people do not know that they are eligible for financial help, which enables them to get coverage for $10 or less, or even at no cost,” Altman said.

In addition to signing up consumers through its website, Covered California also partners with certified and licensed enrollers who provide free and confidential help throughout the state. Consumers can visit here and search for the agent nearest them. They can also call Covered California at (800) 300-1506 and get information or enroll by phone.