Massachusetts: MA @HealthConnector joins MD & CO, launches new "Simple Signup" #TaxTimeSEP

MA Health Connector

via the Massachusetts Health Connector:

Simple Sign-up health insurance enrollment is as easy as checking a box on the state tax form

  • New program will simplify sign up for coverage through the Health Connector 

February 7, 2022 – Uninsured Massachusetts residents can check a box on their state tax forms to quickly start the process of getting health insurance through the Massachusetts Health Connector’s new Simple Sign-up program. The program will increase access to health insurance, and provide assistance signing up for coverage to thousands of residents.

Through the Simple Sign-up program, when checking the box on the tax form, individuals authorize the Department of Revenue to communicate select elements of the tax filer’s information with the Health Connector. The Health Connector will use this information to create and send tailored information to the tax filer, and to work with residents towards obtaining the most appropriate health plan.

Many communities of color have higher rates of uninsured residents, an inequity that the new Health Connector program seeks to address. Every resident completing their state taxes must have health insurance or face an individual mandate penalty. The new checkbox on the state tax form will make it easy for uninsured residents to get covered through the Health Connector, the Commonwealth’s health insurance exchange.

“Simple Sign-up is a convenient new way for residents without coverage to find a path to health insurance coverage,” said Louis Gutierrez, the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Health Connector. “The Health Connector will be able to send information directly to those who check the box, and provide assistance obtaining the coverage and help paying for health insurance to meet their needs.”

While Massachusetts leads the nation with more than 97 percent of all residents having health insurance, the Commonwealth strives to further increase health insurance for its residents. The Health Connector provides access to quality, commercial health plans with a full range of benefits to its members.

Massachusetts state income taxes are due on April 19. Individuals who are uninsured may go to the Health Connector’s website at any time to see if they are eligible for coverage. Individuals who are uninsured and check the box on their state tax forms will be contacted this spring by the Health Connector and will be able to enroll in a coverage plan.

This is virtually identical to a program which has been running in Maryland for a couple of years now and which Colorado just launched as well.