Weekly Update: #COVID19 case/death rates by county, partisan lean & vaccination rate


Here's the weekly look at the rate of COVID-19 cases & deaths at the county level since the end of June, broken out by partisan lean (i.e, what percent of the vote Donald Trump received in 2020).

As always:

The partisan ratio of case rates are now running 2.4x higher per capita in the reddest tenth of the country than the bluest tenth, down from 3.0x higher in late October:

The partisan ratio of death rates since June is now 5.6x higher in the reddest tenth than in the bluest tenth...still down from 6.0x higher in late October:

Here's the same death rate data since the end of June in scatter-plot format:

Meanwhile, here's what the same data looks like on a nonpartisan basis: Case and death rates based purely on vaccination rate of each county. The following graphs are up to date as of 12/06/21. Both measure the county-level case and death rates since the end of June compared against what percentage of the population is fully vaccinated (i.e., 2 doses of Pfizer/Moderna or 1 dose of Johnson & Johnson).

Again, I've broken the population of the 50 states +DC (~331 million people...this doesn't include the U.S. territories) has been broken out into ten brackets of roughly 33.1 million apiece.

As you can see, case rates since June are twice as high in the least-vaccinated tenth of the country than in the most-vaccinated tenth.

Note: As I explained in a recent blog post, Miami-Dade County is a massive outlier when it comes to the relationship of cases/deaths to the official vaccination rate, and I strongly suspect this is due to a substantially high incidence of "vaccine tourism" combined with the "snowbird" effect. As such, I've started also breaking out what the most-vaccinated tier would look like in terms of both case & death rates if Miami-Dade County was disregarded. As you can see, it's pretty dramatic in both cases:

...while when you look at the death rates, the contrast is even more stark: Death rates in the least-vaxxed tenth are 4.5x higher than in the most-vaxxed tenth. If you disregard Miami-Dade County entirely, it's a whopping 6.1x higher:

UPDATE: Just for the hell of it, I decided to go one step further and break the total popuation into 20 brackets of roughly ~16.6 million apiece to look at the vaccination rate graph on an even more granular level. Sure enough, it's still a remarkably steady downward slope as you move up the vaccination rate levels (again, the most obvious exception is the very upper bracket...and again, Miami-Dade County is a massive outlier there:

Here's the same death rate data (since June 30th) in scatter-plot format. The massive Miami-Dade County outlier is obvious when displayed this way:

Get vaccinated & get boosted, dammit.