Alabama: Preliminary avg. 2021 #ACA premiums: +5.0% individual (w/caveat); unknown sm. group


The bad news is that I still can't find any official 2021 rate filings at the Alabama Insurance Dept. website.

The good news is that both of last years' individual market carriers (Blue Cross Blue Shield and Bright Healthcare) do have listings for 2021 in the SERFF database.

The bad news is that those listings don't include actual rate filings, just some other forms.

The good news is that rate filings for every state appear to be available at RateReview.HealthCare.Gov this week.

The bad news is that the filings at appear to be incomplete so far; BCBS is listed but Bright isn't (and since I do have other forms for Bright being listed in 2021, I'm pretty sure it's not because they're pulling out of the Alabama market).

The other bad news is that the database doesn't give access to URRT forms, and even the Actuarial Memos that they do list to tend to be heavily redacted, making it very diifficult to find the effectuated enrollment numbers for the carriers. Without that, I have no way of running a weighted statewide average rate change.

The best I'm able to do is plug in the 2019 enrollment for BCBS of Alabama.

The saving grace here is that based on last year's market share info, I'm assuming Bright only has a tiny fraction of the Alabama individual market, so whatever they're asking for likely won't move the needle much from BCBS's 5.1% increase. Even so, this is pretty frustrating.

UPDATE 10/07: The good news is Louise Norris pointed me towards this link which lists Bright's (substantial) rate hikes for each of their individual market products. The bad news is it still doesn't include the number of enrollees (which I'm assuming are similar to last year's <1,000 figure), nor does it provide the weighted average of those products, so I'm assuming an unweighted average increase of a whopping 25.5%.