Alabama: *Preliminary* 2020 avg. #ACA exchange premium changes: +3.9%


Alabama only has two carriers offering Individual Market policies. Unfortunately, the rate filing forms are redacted in some states, so I'm having to patch together bits & pieces of data to try and estimate the weighted average rate changes. In the case of Alabama, the filing for Blue Cross Blue Shield lists 179,500 total individual market enrollees in 2018, but there's no data for 2019...while the filing for Bright Health Insurance (a relative newcomer to the market) doesn't list any enrollment data at all.

I'm assuming that BCBSAL holds a solid 90% of the market and that their total enrollment is around the same year over year. If so, that would give Bright around 20.5K enrollees and make the total Alabama Individual Market around an even 200,000 people. Again, assuming all of this is accurate, that means a weighted average increase of 3.9%, which in turn means unsubsidized enrollees are looking at average premium increases of around $26/month  or $312 for the year.

NOTE: This has been corrected from an earlier version.

For the Small Grouip Market, hard enrollment numbers are listed for two of the four carriers, but UnitedHealthcare has redacted theirs, so I'm assuming the average is something like a 6.5% increase. I could be off, of course, depending on what the UHC enrollment numbers are.