UPDATE: ACA Signups: 10% of CBO Projection Achieved!

From the Daily Kos Archive

NOTE: This was originally posted over at Daily Kos. I've since ported it over here for archival purposes.

OK, I'm not sure how much this particular milestone should be crowed about considering that over 40% of the enrollment period has elapsed, but new actual numbers have been rather thin over the weekend, so I figured I'd call some attention to it.

New York is the only state that's released it's latest figures today, but thanks to them doing so (95,000 private enrollments, 40,000 Medicaid/SCHIP expansion), the total now stands at over 711,000 private healthcare plans through the ACA exchanges.

Since the original CBO projection (remember, that was a projection, not an actual goal) through 3/31/14 was a tad over 7 million, that means that the exchanges have broken through the 10% mark. Yay team!

Some other cool numbers:

--Connecticut continues to kick major ass, having enrolled over 56% of their CBO projection. They could easily double or even potentially even triple the 33,000 figure that they were expected to achieve by the end of March.

--With today's New York update, the Empire State has also broken out with almost 44% of their enrollment goal achieved. Like Connecticut, since 41.8% of the period has passed, they're ahead of the game.

--Vermont has also seriously stepped up their game, and is now at 41% of their projection, just about on par with the elapsed time period.

Also, some housekeeping notes on the spreadsheet:

--I've modified the site even more, reducing each individual Worksheet from 2 weeks down to just 1 at a time. This makes it even easier to track the current numbers, while also allowing room on the right side for explanatory notes.

--However, all previous weeks are still accessible via the Tabs at the top (or bottom, depending on your browser?) of the spreadsheet (we're in Week 11 at the moment).

--On the graph itself, I've removed the projection line, not because it's "wrong" but simply because, between the missing data for the current week and the inevitable spike/drop-off effect as we hit 12/23 and 12/31 (and then again in mid-March), a straight-line projection is simply too difficult to chart.

--I have, however, emphasized the crucially important 12/23 date coming up next week.

--Finally, yes, I've zoomed the chart scale out from 2.5 million to 3.0 million as the combined Private/Medicaid numbers climb.

--I've finally solved the Mystery of Washington State. Unlike every other state (and HC.gov) which define an "enrollment" as "having completed their application and selected a plan", Washington State's exchange only officially considers an application to be "enrolled" if they've actually paid their first premium. The local reporters are using this as a guideline in their stories, which explains several articles that say "X thousand have completed their applications" and "ONLY have to make a payment" but still don't count that number as completed enrollments. This is noted on the spreadsheet.

On the other hand, this does give us a bit of insight about how the payment ratio is going so far; according to the WA numbers, around 27% of the total enrollees have paid, which sounds pretty good to me.

--Oh, and yes, the Spanish-languange version of Healthcare.gov has finally launched: CuidadoDeSalud.gov

Update: OK, 2 more states have been updated--Colorado and, believe it or not, Oregon, which now (officially) claims to have successfully enrolled 7,500 people via their disastrous state exchange (seriously--by all accounts, the Covered Oregon site made the HC.gov problems look like nothing by comparison).

As a result, we're now up to 725K private and nearly 1.9M Medicaid/SCHIP, for a total of over 2.6 million people.