Nevada: @NVHealthLink announces 82K QHPs during 2021 OEP; up 5.8% y/y

Breaking via the Nevada Health Link...

Nevada’s State Based Exchange enrolls nearly 82,000 Nevadans during Open Enrollment Period for 2021 coverage

  • Enrollment exceeds 2019 figures by nearly 6 percent

(CARSON CITY, NV) – The Silver State Health Insurance Exchange (Exchange), Nevada’s state agency that helps individuals get connected to budget-appropriate health coverage through the online marketplace, Nevada Health Link, enrolled 81,903 Nevadans during the 2020 health insurance Open Enrollment Period, connecting tens of thousands of Nevadans statewide to Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant health plans. These enrollment figures exceed 2019’s enrollment figures by 4,493 – a 5.8 percent increase.

“Even during one of the most turbulent and difficult years, many Nevadans made the smart decision to safeguard themselves and their loved ones by purchasing comprehensive and quality health insurance through Nevada Health Link,” said Heather Korbulic, executive director, Silver State Health Insurance Exchange. “Our priority has always been to reduce the number of uninsured and underinsured individuals, families and children in Nevada. We do this by connecting them with plans appropriate for their needs, budget and lifestyle and providing subsidies to qualifying individuals that help offset the costs of insurance. We are pleased to see so many people recognize the importance of being covered, especially with the unprecedented events that occurred in 2020 surrounding COVID-19. During a time when families are burdened with the stress brought on by the global pandemic, worrying about health insurance and the financial ruin associated with a medical event shouldn’t be one of them. The ongoing health emergency has affected thousands across Nevada and the nation, but virus or no virus, it is always a good idea to have health insurance.”

This past open enrollment (Nov. 1, 2020 – Jan. 15, 2021) was the Exchange’s second enrollment period since transitioning to a State Based Exchange (SBE), which allowed the Exchange to operate more autonomously, including the ability to extend open enrollment by 30 additional days. The final enrollment figure is also a huge success, given the political uncertainty of the ACA created by the recent presidential election as well as a recent Supreme Court hearing that challenged the ACA. With the inauguration of President Joe Biden this week, the Exchange looks forward to the support of the ACA from the new administration.

This past Open Enrollment, Nevada Health Link offered nearly double the number of plans from last year, including 50 qualified health plans from five carriers: Health Plan of Nevada (HPN), SilverSummit (Ambetter), Anthem HMO Co, Friday Health Plans and SelectHealth. Nevada Health Link also offered 27 dental plans from six dental carriers and two vision plans from VSP Vision Care.

Nevada Health Link is the only place consumers can qualify for subsidies to help make monthly premiums more affordable. Four out of five Nevadans who purchase a plan through Nevada Health Link qualify for financial assistance (tax credits). All plans offered through the Exchange cover the ten essential health benefits such as pre-existing conditions and all COVID-19-related diagnosis and treatment.

Exchange plans are ideal for those who don’t qualify for Medicare or Medicaid but still need financial assistance; those who don’t have employee-sponsored health insurance, including independent contractors and gig workers; and anyone seeking comprehensive, quality and affordable plans.

While open enrollment has ended, it is important to remember that certain Qualifying Life Events (QLEs), such as losing health insurance, change of employment or income, getting married, having a child or moving, can make an individual eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) that allows enrollment at any time during the year. An individual or household should report the life event within 60 days to get covered. To find out if you’re eligible and to learn more, visit or call 1-800-547-2927.