Ut-oh! Ted Cruz's supporters are starting to wise up!

I've noted before that every once in awhile, someone trying to load Ted Cruz's official campaign website will inadvertently bring up this site instead, thanks to my whimsical decision a year ago to snap up a half-dozen copycat domains (TedCrooz.com, TedCruise.net, etc.) just for fun.

I further noted that a few of these folks still can't seem to figure out that the website clearly has nothing whatsoever to do with Ted Cruz's presidential bid, beyond occasionally poking fun at how full of crap he is when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, in spite of the overwhelming evidence. I know this because I've received at least 3-4 contact form submissions from these folks...and in every case before today, they still couldn't figure it out.

Well, today I received yet another email from a Ted Cruz supporter...and to his credit, this time they at least had the presence of mind to consider the possibility that perhaps a website entitled "ACA Signups" with the slogan "Tracking Enrollments for the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare)" might not be related to Texas Senator (and possible Zodiac Killer) Ted Cruz's attempt to become America's first Canadian President:

I am about to go to our caucus mtg and plan on becoming a state delegate. I came to your website to look at your plans. I am very dissapolnted that I could not find your tax plan, your immigration plan and how you intend to downsize the government. Could I be on the wrong website? The one I am on seems to cover ACA and nothing else. It is not a user friendly site. I need help before Tuesday to represent you. I am an adamant conservative that has followed you and on many occasions you refer people to go to your website for info. I can not find info to represent you well.

I admit to being a bit hurt that this gentleman doesn't feel ACASignups.net is user-friendly enough. Perhaps I should direct him to one which is easier to use, like TedCruz.com...