Nevada: #ShortAssPlans now restricted to 6mo, must disclose #ACA options

via KOLO 8:

New law clearly separates short term limited medical plans from Health Link

RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Broker Alex Sampson is busy these days helping local residents connect with a health insurance program through Nevada Health Link.

But just seven days ago, a new law went into effect here in Nevada which may make the process less confusing for consumers looking for health care insurance coverage on their own.

The law impacts short term limited health medical plans. These are plans which provide very limited coverage for one year only to customers and could be confused with policies on Health Link.

“They are being advertised as extremely affordable plans,” says Janel Davis, Health Link Communications Officer. “But again when they go to use those plans and they go to the hospital for example, what they are finding out; what they need health wise is not covered,” says Davis.

The short term limited health medical plans can now only offer coverage for six months--no longer. That recent change in the law may stop the consumer from believing they are comparing apples to apples when it comes to plans associated with Nevada Health Link as they run for one year. Also, the plans must tell the consumer there are health insurance opportunities through Health Link.

Nevada Health Link's Open Enrollment Period runs through Friday, January 15th for coverage starting February 1st. #GetCovered today!