The Graph: 9.84 million QHPs confirmed nationally; you still have time to #GetCovered in 13 states!

Way back in October 2013, I launched the ACA Signups project as a light, nerdy hobby thing which was only supposed to last around six months, through the end of the first ACA Open Enrollment Period (March 31, 2014). Instead...well, let's just say that it's more than seven years later and I'm still doing this.

The reality is that The Graph itself doesn't serve a whole lot of useful function anymore. The enrollment patterns were erratic the first couple of years but have since settled into a pretty predictable...if not downright boring pattern for both the federal and state exchanges. The main reason I keep doing it each year is mostly out of tradition these days; after all, without The Graph, there wouldn't be an ACA Signups and I wouldn't have become a healthcare policy wonk in the first place.

Still, The Graph remains a fun way of visualizing ACA Open Enrollment trends. Again, the dotted lines show last year's enrollment patterns for HealthCare.Gov, the 13 state-based exchanges (SBE) and BHP enrollments in Minnesota & New York. This year the lines will shift slightly due to Pennsylvania and New Jersey splitting off onto their own state-based exchanges, but the final totals will likely be similar...or perhaps not!

On the one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic is likely spurring more people into making sure they #GetCovered. On the other hand, the Trump/GOP lawsuit to strike down the ACA might be scaring some people off...or perhaps it's spurring them into action as well? Finally, the Trump Administration has basically abandoned any effort to get people to sign up...but 3rd-party organizations/coalitions like Get America Covered and Get Covered 2021 have sprung up to fill in the gap, so who knows?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid released the semifinal "snapshot report" for HealthCare.Gov enrollment today, and some of the state-based exchanges have releaed their data; combined, I've confirmed just over 9.84 million QHP selections to date. The actual total is likely up to around 11.1 million as of today, however: