Wisconsin: Preliminary avg. 2021 #ACA premium rate changes (UNWEIGHTED): -5.2% indy market, +1.5% sm. group

I don't know if this is an industry trend, a state regulator trend or new policies being implemented by CMS, but it seems that either more health insurance carriers have been redacting their Actuarial Memos and/or not uploading their URRT files to the publicly-accessible SERFF database or the state insurance departments, SERFF database and/or CMS's Rate Review database aren't posting as many of them publicly.

Case in point, Wisconsin: I have the average requested 2021 premium rate filings for every carrier on the individual and small group markets...but the actuarial memos are all redacted and none of the URRTs are available at all, making it impossible for me to run a weighted average since I don't know how many enrollees each carrier has. Also, for the second year running, Compcare Health Services doesn't appear in CMS's Rate Review database at all for reasons unknown.

Anyway, the unweighted average rate change for 2021 is a 5.2% reduction on the individual market and a 1.5% increase on the small group market. Again, these are unweighted averages, which means they could be misleading. For instance, it could turn out that Aspirus and Physicians Health Service hold 95% of the individual market share, in which case the weighted average would be more like -13%...but without knowing the number of enrollees each carrier has, I have no way of knowing.