Colorado: Final 2020 OEP Total: Nearly 167K QHPs, down ~2% y/y

This just in via Connect for Health Colorado:

DENVER — Nearly 167,000 Coloradans signed up for a health insurance plan through the state’s official Marketplace by the end of the Open Enrollment period, according to preliminary data released today by Connect for Health Colorado.

Among the 2020 plan selections, about 20 percent are by customers who are new to Connect for Health Colorado and 80 percent are returning customers. 

“This has been another successful Open Enrollment period,” said Chief Executive Officer Kevin Patterson. “Now the work continues to increase access, affordability and choice for residents. We are fully engaged with partners at the state and in the legislature to advise and help implement innovative approaches to lower the cost of health care and increase choice.”

Outside of the Open Enrollment period, Coloradans can only sign up for a health insurance plan through the Marketplace if they experience a “Qualified Life Event,” like losing job-based insurance, losing Medicaid, or certain family changes. Coloradans can continue to get help signing up for coverage from certified brokers and community-based assisters during their Special Enrollment period.

Hmmm...they don't give an exact number, but last year's total was 170,325, so they came in around 2% short this year.

That's actually much better than I feared--I was concerned that #ReverseSilverLoading would cause a lot more subsidized enrollees to flee (vs. a smaller amount of unsubsidized enrollees receiving assistance). It's possible that many subsidized enrollees simply shifted back to Silver from Bronze or Gold, but until the dust settles and the final demographic reports are released there will be no way of knowing that for sure.