Trump's Magic Fairy Dust ACA Replacement to allegedly be unveiled...AFTER November 2020.

(sigh) Here we go again:

Everybody agrees that ObamaCare doesn’t work. Premiums & deductibles are far too high - Really bad HealthCare! Even the Dems want to replace it, but with Medicare for all, which would cause 180 million Americans to lose their beloved private health insurance. The Republicans.....

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 2, 2019

  • "The Dems" for the most part never intended the ACA to be stuck in its existing structure was always intended to improve healthcare coverage and affordability as much as possible but with the flexibility to improve upon it baked into the design. And of course large portions of the Democratic Party have always preferred something more robust all along.
  • There's actually a healthy debate among "The Dems" between those who want "Medicare for All" and those who want "Medicare for America" or similar (i.e., "Medicare for All who Want It". That's a good thing.
  • He's surprisingly not too far off re. the number with private insurance (around 160 million w/employer coverage plus another 15 million on the individual market, if you include those with grandfathered/transitional plans and so on). Of course, around 36 million of the 160 million are actually government employees at the federal, state or local level (VA, Tricare, FEHB, teachers, firefighters, police, state/municipal employees, etc), with the VA being publicly administered but the rest being privately administered, so that gets into a debate about what counts as "private" insurance...

....are developing a really great HealthCare Plan with far lower premiums (cost) & deductibles than ObamaCare. In other words it will be far less expensive & much more usable than ObamaCare. Vote will be taken right after the Election when Republicans hold the Senate & win......

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 2, 2019

  • Ah, so you're going to destroy the healthcare system and then leave tens of millions of people suffering and going bankrupt for a year and a half until after the election. Got it. And of course this "great" plan will be ready to go and fully ramped up on January 1, 2021, right? Uh-huh.

....back the House. It will be truly great HealthCare that will work for America. Also, Republicans will always support Pre-Existing Conditions. The Republican Party will be known as the Party of Great HealtCare. Meantime, the USA is doing better than ever & is respected again!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 2, 2019

  • "Republicans will always support Pre-Existing Conditions." Read that again, slowly. Take your time if necessary.
  • It's Healthcare (or "HealthCare"), not "HealtCare", you dillhole.